5 Parenting Tips for Kate Middleton & Prince William

With the arrival of their little prince, George Alexander Louis, Prince William and Kate Middleton will have their hands full with royal nappies, sleepless nights and midnight feedings.

And not to mention, raising the most famous baby in the world!

In our latest guest blog, we hear from English nanny, author, and baby expert Helen Moon. As a nanny to Hollywood royalty, Helen has over 27 years experience with an A-list clientele including Sir Elton John and Elizabeth Berkley.

Helen shares 5 tips to help the royal couple create as normal a life as possible for their new little prince.

Continue reading her tips below:

The biggest challenge the new Royals will have with their new baby will be how to keep the child’s life as normal as possible, while being under the spotlight of the world and being hounded by paparazzi.

1. Taking the time to bond with their new baby. With all the pressures of Royal family duties, it is so important for Kate and William to take a little time to adjust to new parenthood and spend a little boding time with their new baby boy. Really getting to know your new baby by using the key elements of CHERISH in my book, Cherish the 1st 6 Weeks, makes all the difference in the world to the new baby and parent relationship.

Consistency: Consistency is one of the most important ways to show and teach your baby to feel secure. Happy Habits: Babies learn quickly; they learn good habits and the bad habits. Eating & Sleeping: Eating and Sleeping go together. To nurse or not to nurse; milk formula vs. soy formula; and supporting your own nutrition; getting the young prince onto a good schedule quickly will help the royal couple tremendously. Routine: Establishing a routine for both eating and sleeping ensures that your baby’s needs are met. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of sticking to a routine. It also brings structure to the day so the royal couple will know when to be there for their little prince.Involvement: Babies are comforted when they hear your voice, knowing you are paying attention, and spending time with you in an engaged, attentive way. Self-Soothing: When you help your baby to learn to self-soothe, you give him the emotional tools that will last a lifetime – literally.Health (Issues): Every baby is a unique individual, just as we are, and they also have different health issues. When you follow these steps and your baby is eating well, has learned to self-soothe and sleep, you will have a happy baby! It’s not complicated; it’s a mixture of love and gentle guidance with a lot of consistency!

2. The Royal couple’s first big hurdle with their little prince will be teaching him to sleep at night! Babies are born nocturnal. They are lulled to sleep every day in utero by the gentle rocking of their mother’s movement. Then, in the evening, when the mom-to-be sits down to relax, the baby starts to kick and move. So when your baby is first born, they are more alert in the evening and through the night. It is important to keep the evenings and nighttime calm, with low light and little stimulation, and then do the opposite in the daytime. Be very engaging when your baby is awake during the day. Talk to them, play music, keep their room light, bright and airy so your baby quickly learns when to be up and when not!

3. Having multiple homes means that each one will need a nursery for the baby. Consistency is a key element in a new baby’s life. It helps them to feel secure, so creating a similar environment in each home will be important. Having familiar items and smells in each home will help the new baby to adapt quickly. Always bring a couple of blankets or soft toys that the new prince has with him to every home will help.

4. Keeping baby on a good eating and sleeping routine can be more of a struggle when the family is traveling around. If they are traveling to different time zones, this can affect the baby’s natural rhythm and make it a little more challenging to get the baby on a good sleeping pattern. If the little prince doesn’t travel with William and Kate, then there could be a little separation anxiety for the parents, a young baby won’t be as affected in the first few months, as long as they have loving consistent care from good help. Traveling with a new baby is also very challenging. Having all the supplies ready is a must. Having a travel bag prepped and ready to go at all times with all of babies needs, will make life much easier. It’s almost like having an emergency kit on hand!

5. Keeping the new prince out of the spot light whenever possible will be key for the new family in the beginning. When the prince is in the spotlight, it is so important for the new parents to remain as calm and relaxed as possible and this will help the new prince to become relaxed instead of anxious around the press at an early age. Allowing the public and press to meet the young prince quickly, by photos or as Princess Diana did with Prince William bringing out on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, will then allow the couple to retreat for a little time to just feel like normal parents.

Bringing a new baby into the world, is a struggle for any new parents, can you imagine how much harder it must be for the royal couple. Princess Diana seemed to manage the balance of motherhood and fulfilling her royal duties, she had two sons who adored her and I have every confidence that Prince William and Kate will be very successful in doing the same.

Helen Moon, the internationally renowned baby care expert and author whose clientele includes Sir Elton John, Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, and Hollywood royalty, has over 27 years of extensive experience caring for babies, including the English Nanny Training course NNEB (Nursery Nurse Examination Board) certification in 1985 and attended U.C.L.A to become a Certified Lactation Educator in 2005. Her book, Cherish the First 6 Week: A Plan That Creates Calm, Confident Parents And A Happy, Secure Baby launched February 2013.

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