Phillip Toledano Shares Honest #DadConfession

Was it love at first sight when you welcomed your newborn baby?

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One honest dad, Phillip Toledano, a New York–based artist and photographer, has not only shared some of his not-so-thrilled-to-be-a-dad thoughts, he’s started a new trending topic, #DadConfession on Twitter.

The author of five books, including The Reluctant Father, and Days With My Father, Toledano is keeping it real for new parents everywhere.

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“I was never particularly interested in having kids,” he writes for PEOPLE.

He adds: “I liked them in an abstract sense, in the same way that exercise seems appealing but, in practice, utterly tedious. When friends came over with their kids, I treated them like radioactive material: Tolerable for short periods of time. Prolonged exposure would have unpleasant effects, like hair loss, or inexplicable stains on the sofa.”

Toledano goes on to talk about welcoming his first-born child, daughter Loulou, and the “weird” feelings he experienced at her birth.

“Was I overwhelmed in a tsunami of love? Not really,” he shares.

The brave writer goes on to talk about the transition into fatherhood, and shares a series of intimate family photos.

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What do you think about his honest and heartfelt confessions? Did you feel the same way when you first became a parent?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Or, if you’d rather remain anonymous, share your own confessions here!

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