Review: SVAN’s Playroom Furniture Hits The Mark With This Family

Imagine living in a world where everything is giant-sized and you don’t quite fit in because it’s all just too big.  Do you remember what it was like when you were just a toddler and everything was designed for big-people?  I know I can’t remember, however it crosses my mind often now that I’m a mom.

Think about having to stand on your tippy toes and look straight up to catch a glimpse of what might be on the table or the countertop.  Or having to struggle to climb up on the chair just to have a seat – the adult comparison may be scaling a 4-foot wall just to be able to sit down.

It seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Well to help my daughter and her little baby buddies experience life as we adults see it, I have added the SVAN Play With Me Toddler Table and Chair Set to my living room décor.

SVANAt eight months pregnant, it took me an hour of sitting on the floor (while watching t.v.) to put all the chairs and the table together one evening after my 13-month old daughter hit the hay.  There were quite a few screws, wooden pieces and an Allen key.  It felt overwhelming at first, but in reality, it was really quite simple to do.  Each hole setting was put in the correct place so it didn’t feel like there would be any stripping of screws, etc. like you may experience with some other wooden products.  Each wooden piece was labelled well so as long as you follow the directions it’s a piece of cake.

momkids playwithme 2The Play With Me Table and Chair Set is made of high-quality, solid birch wood and is comprised of the table, three chairs for the children and a stool sturdy enough to hold mom or dad.  And yes, I was surprised it held me and I was quite confident that it was not going to collapse…phew!

Once it was set up, I tucked it in the corner of the living room for my daughter to spot it the next day.  And she noticed it pretty quickly.  Although she’s still quite young and isn’t walking on her own yet, she found a way to make it work for her without any suggestions from mom or dad – the chair has been turned into a walker assisting her as she cruises around the living room.

She also uses the table as a place to prepare her pretend food in her mini-cook set.  It’s the perfect size for her countertop!

I’m looking forward to using the table and chair set to play games, have tea parties, and make crafts with her as she gets older.

If you don’t already have a little person’s table, the SVAN Play With Me Toddler Table and Chair Set is a great gift idea especially for the upcoming holiday season.

To purchase your SVAN Play With Me Toddler Table and Chair set, go to

Check out some of the other amazing SVAN products from their full-range seating items, including the award-winning Signet Complete high-chair and their new Totseat, their portable child seat and their Duux line of electronics for baby’s room (humidifiers, purifiers, and baby projectors.)

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