Postpartum Depression: Climb Out Of The Darkness

On the longest day of the year, women in six countries are strapping on their hiking shoes to raise funds and awareness for maternal mental health. This symbolic walk represents hope and light in the face of the darkness of mental illness.

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This Saturday, June 21, Postpartum Progress is hosting Climb Out of the Darkness where over 1,000 women are climbing, walking, biking and running to raise awareness for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

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Why climb for maternal mental health disorders?

While awareness of postpartum depression has increased over the years, lesser-known disorders like postpartum anxiety (PPA), OCD, PTSD, psychosis and pregnancy depression continue to plague moms.

Reportedly, 1 in every 5 women is affected by perinatal mood disorders and anxiety. In a society that fears – and shames – mental health issues, campaigns like Climb Out of the Darkness provides hope and support to women who are suffering in silence.

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To see more about Climb Out of the Darkness, take a look at the inspirational video below…

If you have struggled with maternal mental health, and you’re willing to share your story with us, please read more about The Naked Truth campaign.

We are still looking for women to share their stories in our upcoming book. To read more about the campaign, click here.

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