The Naked Truth About Postpartum Depression: Calling on Women to Share Their Stories

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Have you experienced the darkness of postpartum depression?

If you have struggled with PPD – and you’re open to sharing your story with us – we’d love to chat!

We are joining forces with professional photographer Bri Oliver to create a campaign and book, titled The Naked Truth, on postpartum depression.

In a society that fears – and shames – mental health issues, our goal is to raise awareness and shatter myths on this common issue that many women face after childbirth.

Not only has Bri gone through PPD, she has shared her story in hopes of reaching other women also struggling.

The Naked Truth campaign is calling on women to openly share their stories of PPD, and later do a boudoir photo shoot.

“There is something very powerful and liberating about doing a boudoir photo shoot,” says Bri, who has years of experience as a boudoir photographer. “Having gone through the pain of PPD, and coming out the other end with beautiful photos of yourself is incredibly liberating. It brings me immense joy to show women how truly beautiful they are with the photos I take of them.”

Bri says that the boudoir photo shoot – from the experience of getting glam, to tapping into your inner goddess during the shoot, to seeing the beautiful images – is another level of empowerment and healing after PPD.

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“When women have been through the depths of PPD, survive it, and then see their images, it, truly is, a full circle moment,” Bri adds.

We are looking for participants to take part in The Naked Truth campaign. Are you willing to:

  • Share your story of PPD?
  • Do a glamor boudoir photo shoot (either in Vancouver, Canada or Seattle, WA)?

If this sounds like the perfect project for you, please fill out this form.

If you have any questions about The Naked Truth, please email us at

We look forward to hearing from many of you — let’s reveal ‘the naked truth’ of PPD together!

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Photo credit: Bri Oliver

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  1. Nadine

    Look at us. Here we are again. Alluring. In bed. Begging for you to make us pregnant again, because postpartum depression was so much fun.

  2. Hi there I sent in an application form but got no confirmation it was received….is there a way I can check on that?

  3. yasamin

    I experience PPD with my first pregnancy
    I can say it started before giving birth but hot worse after
    My parents do not live in Canada But I had high hops that at least my mom will be able to join me for the north of my first child but unfortunately they did not issue visitor visa for her
    and around the same time that I heard that news my Dr told me that I have to do amnio
    And that was the point everything started
    After I gave birth I was so sceard to.lose my baby I could not sleep orvlet her sleep i was in tears each time I was feeding her and not even my Dr noticed my situation And my PPD caught my husband too which later made us to face real financial problems which after 7 years still its shadow is with us

  4. amanda arbuckle

    I so, so wish I could take part in this. I live in Edmonton though:( I have suffered with ppd for all three of my children. The last one was definitely the worst and I still deal with it. (8 months now) I love what you are doing for women!!

  5. Jen

    Why are we again selling a story basically by sexual images? I went through severe PPD and let me tell you, 5 years removed from this devastating illness, the last thing I want to do to reach, empower and encourage other women is get half naked. What are we proving? That we can be sexy after the dark circles and manic thoughts pass? Please, you may have good intentions, put don’t be another “cause” that gets laughed at because you are doing whats been done for years for basically every marketing strategy out in our flesh-driven world.

  6. Laura

    I don’t perceive this concept as, “selling a sexual images.” I’m not sure how many people are out on the prowl looking for “half naked” women, who are recovering/recovered from postpartum depression. Just not much of a marketing tactic there. This isn’t about selling and advertising women in a sexually explicit way. It’s not everyone’s calling to do a boudoir photo shoot, and you don’t have to. But I can see how this could empowering to women, and possibly allowing them to come full circle in some way. As I am wading through the depths of my PPD, I saw this and thought about how I can’t wait for the day when I’ll love myself and my body enough to say, “I’d love to do a photo shoot and tell my story.” Just because mass media outlets have distastefully exploited sexuality and the woman’s body, doesn’t mean that other sources aren’t capable of executing something creative and good, which rises above the commonplace sleazy material most people are bombarded with daily. There is meaning and vision behind this concept, and that’s something I can and will support. I’m all for being comfortable in one’s own skin, and not feeling ashamed because someone says, you’ll be laughed at for “doing what’s been done for years… in this flesh-driven world.” As women, we don’t need to hide our bodies and shun our sexuality because someone thinks it’s a sleazy marketing tactic. We can do what feels right to us, and more importantly, what we feel will empower and further our lives in a positive way. I think this is a great idea, and it will definitely be a highlight in any woman’s life who decides to do it.

  7. This looks like an awesome project. Wish I lived in Vancouver or Seattle but I am in NW Florida. Would love to spread the word on my Facebook page and social media networks. Is there a way to receive email updates on the project?

  8. Desiree

    I submitted my application but didn’t get a confirmation email. Did you receive it?

  9. Rebecca

    I filled out the form but never received the email confirmation. Please let me know if it didn’t go through.

  10. Chrissy

    I just saw you on global BC and I would love a chance to talk with you I have a story on PPD i suffered from it the minute my daughter was born and I went through a lot I went through people telling me to give her up for adoption and every other horrible thing you can think of and I came out of it with pure willpower and I would love to share my story and help other women know it’s not the end

  11. vanessa schmidt

    Hi there I have filled out a form a saved my progress as twice I filled it out and tried to send it but it didn’t go through? Then I received an email saying I saved it but can not figure out how to access my save form with my info? Please help I would really like to the chance to participate in this incredible opportunity!! Thank you.

    Vanessa Schmidt

  12. Charissa

    I filled out the forms but got no confirmation. Please let me know if you got it thank you.

  13. Patrice Doré

    My daughter is 16 months now and makes my heart skip a cheerful beat every day :) however the dark crying hating anxiety cloud hung over me as well as our home for the first few months after baby came. I hope that everyone has at least one person they can talk to about ppd :’( we are not alone!!!

  14. vanessa schmidt

    Hi there,

    I filled out the form again and I think it went through though not sure? Please let me know if you got it as I would really like to participate in this project!!! Thank you. Vanessa

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