Drawing Hope Project Inspires Sick Kids & Their Families

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A self-described “weird artsy guy,” Shawn Van Daele is giving kids with health conditions and their families more reason to dream big.

Through the Drawing Hope Project, the Canadian artist takes sick kids’ drawings and turns them into out-of-this-world scenes using his photography and photo editing skills.


The result is stunning portraits of the kids living out their wildest dreams in fantastical environments.


Van Daele has traveled across the U.S. and Canada to bring hope to kids with health conditions.

“I want to inspire the magic of childhood and let kids and their families who can use a little happiness in their life see that anything is possible,” he told The Huffington Post.


Van Daele has worked with more than 30 children and families — always for free. The artist hopes his project will bring awareness to each child’s cause, and also encourage people to become organ donors.

But most importantly, his goal is to provide kids with a photograph that will remind them that anything is possible.


One mother sent her deep gratitude to the selfless artist, saying that his work has touched their hearts forever.

“For a few moments in time you have made us forget about all the terrible things our children have gone through, reminding us that our kids can do anything and their futures will be magical,” Shelley Sherry, one child’s mother, wrote to Van Daele. “You gave us hope and strength again, through the other families that we can connect with. You’ve inspired so many.”

For more inspirational photos, see below and head over to The Drawing Project.

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