Public Outrage Over Model Breastfeeding Her Baby

Although women’s breasts are portrayed as objects to desire, they do actually exist for a purpose.

When breasts are propped high in Victoria’s Secret ads or an A-list celebrity wears a dress cut to her navel, few people object.

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But just a quick refresher for people: the biological purpose of breasts is to feed babies.


So why the biology lesson?

Recently, a picture that was posted via Instagram by Ashley Nicole, a new mother and girlfriend of Miami Dolphins’ Phillip Wheeler, went viral.

The new mom, a svelte model, shared a shot with her baby latched to her nipple, breastfeeding. And yes folks, what was exposed of her breast was similar to what we’ve all seen in a lingerie ad.

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 “Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called … Everything stops for him! #breastisbest #natureisbeautiful, #IWasMadeForThis,” Nicole captioned the image.

Although this is a sweet mother-child bonding moment – and not to mention a nice endorsement for breastfeeding – many were offended by this image.

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Research finds that 54 percent of black mothers attempt breastfeeding, while the U.S. average is 73 percent. Experts say that many African American women fall behind in breastfeeding because they don’t see women who look like them doing it.

“You don’t desire something you don’t see,” Micky Jones of La Leche League told USA Today. “In the black community, you don’t see a lot of black women breastfeeding.”

Whether she intended to make a statement or not, Nicole’s image might actually make a positive difference, even though many called the photo “vulgar,” “attention-whoring,” “inappropriate” and “disgusting.”

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Wheeler defended his girlfriend after the online backlash, telling TMZ, “I wish everybody would just leave it alone.”

“I think breast-feeding could be done in a tactful way,” wrote a male commenter, summing up the majority of the naysayers. “Personally I would prefer my child’s mother to not breast-feed publicly, but that’s just me. I would want her to take our child to a private place same as she would if the child needed his/her diaper changed. Why does it have to be public?”

This makes me wonder if the above fellow is also opposed to healthy cleavage in lingerie ads and/or plunging red carpet necklines. Does this portrayal of women’s breasts outrage him?

This seems like a step back in women’s rights — and not to mention the rights of a growing baby.

If this Instagram image can cause such public disgust, one wonders how females are truly viewed by our counterparts. News flash: women and their body parts are more than objects of a man’s desire. On behalf of my gender, I would appreciate a shift in thinking on this one, fellas.

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