Giveaway: Joovy ResolutionsX2 ($600 Shopping Spree)

Do you need another shot at a New Year’s Resolution?

Joovy thinks so, and they’re hosting a HUGE giveaway for HerScoop readers, and some other fab mommy bloggers.

The Joovy 2014 ResolutionsX2 giveaway gives you a chance to win a $600 shopping spree at!

Enter the Joovy 2014 ResolutionsX2 giveaway here!

Here are our 2014 ResolutionsX2 – Joovy style. We think these are smart, immediate and and impactful:

  • Resolve to Smile. That’s right. Smile.
  • Resolve to be active everyday. No measures, just get active with your kids. Play, walk, stroll.
  • Resolve to have a ‘treat’ with your child(ren) when its treat time. Share treats with your kids. They can be healthy most of the time and sometimes indulgent.
  • Resolve to let your child(ren) take your picture. They’ve been good models, now return the favor. Be sure to smile.
  • Resolve to read to you children. No matter how old, kids still love to hear your voice read a nurturing tale.
  • Resolve to have your children nap. Nap time can be quiet time or reading time but have ‘down time’ that is non-negotiable and not in front of the TV.
  • Resolve to tell your children about your childhood. They will be turned on by the simplest things and you’ll have fun sharing.
  • Resolve to talk to your children without your cell phone in hand during dinner, driving, bedtime and when they need you.
  • Resolve to sit at the dinner table for dinner and talk about manners.
  • Resolve to talk about your family values. It.Is.Important.
  • And, remember to SMILE!

To celebrate the New Year and these 2014 Joovy ResolutionsX2, please enter their Rafflecopter giveaway. For participating, you’ll have a chance to win a Joovy bundle valued at $600.

And, to earn EXTRA ENTRIES, Joovy has curated a list of some of the BEST BABY, KID & MOM BLOGS in the world. Please follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on all things mom and kid related!

Enter the 2014 Joovy ResolutionsX2 giveaway here!

This contest is open to residents of Canada and U.S.

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