Review: phil & teds’ Must-Haves For Airline Travel And More

Summer is here and there’s lots of travelling coming up!

Have you picked up your baby travel gear yet?

I’m thrilled that phil & teds has done their research for parents on-the-go. The traveller and the lobster are baby essentials that you should definitely consider when taking your kids out and about.

My family and I have recently packed up our life in Western Canada and moved across the country to Ontario. During the upheaval, my two babies and I stayed with relatives for five days while we were between homes. Luckily, I had the phil & teds’ traveller and the lobster with me.

Although I own two playpens, I decided to only bring the phil & teds’ traveller portable travel cot along for our extended stay. My 7-month old was still immobile and could sleep on the floor and I would just need to contain my 22-month old somehow. The other deciding factor was that I was flying across the country so I wanted to pack light.

In hindsight, I made the right choice.

PT traveller
The traveller was so awesome to have rather than the big, bulky – not-to-mention heavy – old playpen that we have. I was able to set up the frame of the light-weight phil & teds’ cot in mere minutes. I struggled a little attaching the self-expanding thermally insulating mattress to the four hooks along the bottom, but I definitely appreciate the safety factor of the hooks. The traveller also comes with a non-toxic Oeko-tex fitted sheet that feels like a 600-thread count sheet – so soft!

The sides of the portable travel cot are all mesh making the traveller extremely breathable and lets my babes see everything that’s going on around them. The one side of the traveller unzips and lays flat on the ground allowing my daughter to crawl in and out of the playpen when she’s playing around.

My 22-month old was quite happy to be in the traveller portable crib. I think she felt like it was a special occasion because she had a new bed to sleep on.

The traveller portable travel cot came neatly tucked away in a tube-like bag with an over the shoulder strap. The size of the carrying case is so compact that it fit inside my suitcase, which is another reason why I chose to use it for our trip. Cool fact – it only weighs 7 pounds – less than a baby!

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The take-down of the phil & teds’ traveller was a tad challenging the first go around. The four hooks that hold the mattress down needed a little bit of strategic thought to unhook, but with practice I’m sure I will get quicker. The frame tear down was a breeze after I grabbed a screwdriver – the buttons that needed to be pushed to release the pieces were so tight that the screwdriver just acted in place of my thumbs. I’m assuming that with more use, the buttons will loosen up a tad so I can just use my hands. The first time I tried to fold up the self-inflating mattress, I couldn’t get it small enough to fit into the carrying case. The second time I had a second set of hands to help and we rolled the mattress just like rolling up a tent and voila, it all fit like a charm. Now that I know how to disassemble the traveller and pack it, I’m confident that it will be a breeze from here on out.

Since our poppy high chair was already en route to our new home, I made sure that I had our phil & teds’ lobster portable high chair with us.

The award-winning travel chair’s claws clamped nicely on my relative’s breakfast bar so my girls had their own place to eat for the few days we were away. I can see how fabulous the lobster would be for any camping or other travel outings since it attaches to most tables or bench tops.

PT lobsterThe chair has a 4-point harness that ensures that my little one(s) stay seated and secure while sitting in the chair. I especially like this because at first I didn’t use the straps just out of laziness. But after having a few mild heart-attacks when I saw my 22-month old stand up in the chair, I now make sure that I use the straps when either baby is in it.

I love the fact that the fabric used on the lobster is washable and durable. The fabric can slide right off the frame for a hand wash. There’s a removable table-tray that slides in between the two clamps protecting the actual table from any spills. Or I suppose if your child is sitting at the picnic table or at a restaurant, it would keep the germs from the actual table getting on your babe’s food. I’m strongly considering keeping my lobster in the car in case we stop in at a restaurant – we all know how filthy some of the restaurant high chairs can be, don’t we?

The lobster packs up in a compact carrying case measuring 35 x 34 x 8cm. We were able to slide it into my suitcase for our cross country trip and still have space for the baby clothes.

I’m so grateful to have had the phil & teds traveller and lobster for my travel adventures with my two daughters recently. I stressed myself out enough thinking about all the what-ifs and all the items that I’ll have to take to the airport (car seats, stroller, playpen, suitcases, etc. and oh – I also had my cat to take too!) that having such compact, reliable and safe baby travel gear was such a relief!

Thank you phil & teds!

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