Review: MAM Aims To Give Babies The Best Start In Life

One of the joys of being a mommy is nurturing our baby’s mouth from the day that he/she is born. We want to make sure that those mini-Chiclet’s are healthy as well as the gums.

Is this an easy task, mom?  For some of you, probably yes, but for me it’s like fighting with the devil each mealtime!  Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but let’s just say it hasn’t been a pleasant job.

I’ll admit that when my dear daughter was born and until about three months of age, I didn’t clean her gums with a cloth as much as I should have.  And the last eight months, we let her brush her own teeth with a baby toothbrush – basically just munching on it.  Was I lazy?  Was I inexperienced?  Ok, maybe a bit of both.  I didn’t know that there were handy-dandy oral care tools on the market that would have helped me keep her mouth clean from Day 1.  But now I do.

Oral Care RabbitRecently, I was given a few items – Oral Care Rabbit, Learn To Brush Set, and a Bite and Brush – from a baby care company called MAM to use on my babe’s pearly whites and they are definitely helping me clean her mouth and teeth.

The Oral Care Rabbit is made to help clean an infant’s mouth from the day he/she is born.  Even though my daughter has eight teeth already, I decided to try it out on her gums near the back of her mouth.  The Oral Care Rabbit’s cute bunny ears fit nicely on my fingers and I was able to wipe and massage her gums without too much fuss – although she did bite me a few times.  I felt better knowing that I had wiped any germs away.  I will definitely be using Mr. Rabbit when baby #2 arrives shortly.

Learn To Brush SetI wish I had the Learn To Brush Set from the time we first introduced the toothbrush to our lil’ one.  The Training Brush has a longer handle.  It’s designed for the baby to hold the main handle of the brush while mom or dad holds the end of the brush to help guide the brushing motion.  Great idea.  But for my gal, she thinks the extended handle for mom/dad is a chew toy…at least for now.

The second brush in the Learn To Brush Set is baby’s First Brush.  Now this brush looks similar to what my dear daughter is used to – at least the size of it.  She easily puts it in her mouth and chews on it.  The feature that I like about the brush is that when the time comes that I use toothpaste, there is a little red section on the brush’s bristles that indicates how much toothpaste to dispense.

Bite and BrushIf our teeth-brushing session doesn’t go as well as planned, we most definitely reach for the Bite and Brush Teether.  Not only does the soft bristles clean my baby’s teeth, it allows her to massage her gums to soothe any discomfort that she may be feeling.  Once she sees the Teether her eyes light up and she reaches out for it within a second!  And within another second or two, it’s in her mouth.  Works like a charm, especially as a back up to brushing.

I will definitely be picking up another set of these MAM baby items for baby #2.

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NEW MAM LogoAbout MAM:
MAM’s mission is to combine the best in technological innovation, medically sound function and contemporary design to help give babies the best start in life.

The company takes pride in its commitment to safety; all MAM products are 100% BABY SAFE: BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free and CPSIA-compliant.

Today, the brand’s product range includes bottles, pacifiers, functional teethers, training cups, and oral care items.  MAM’s award-winning products are sold in 30 countries and over five continents.

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