Review: Belly Bandit Mama Tucks-It

Don’t nip it or suck it, simply Mother Tuck-It.

Belly Bandit has a new line of shape wear unrivaled by anything you have ever experienced. Dress and compress and you’ll dress to impress with their Mother Tucker® Compression line.

Some of our favorite celebrity moms are loving this new line of shapewear!

“Loving my Mother Tucker compression leggings by Belly Bandit – LOVE, LOVE!” – Nancy O’Dell

“Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker compression tank gave me the support and confidence I needed to get back into my pre-baby clothes.” – Christina Applegate


“These Mother Tucker leggings by Belly Bandit are the best – I take them everywhere with me.” – Lisa Ling


Great, celebs love it, but what about us ‘regular’ folk? Well, let me share my experience with Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker Compression line and their new Muffinology Technology.

Muffinology: The science of slimming ones “Muffin Top” bulge, creating a tighter silhouette and flatter tummy.

Perfect. Sounds like this is just what I need after having two babies 15-months apart.

After wearing the Mother Tucker Nursing Tank, Scoop Neck Tank, and Compression Leggings on days when I leave my house, I can tell you that my post-baby-body confidence levels are rising.  Chalk one up for Muffinology!

BB MT Nursing
I’m still nursing my 9-month old and so I often wear my Mother Tucker Nursing Tank.   It’s got a tummy-flattening center and definitely presses out my bulge. I love that it has a 3-inch anti-roll bottom so it doesn’t creep up. The nursing area doesn’t have any snaps to drop the cup down like most bras. Rather the cup area of the tank easily slides to the side for nursing access. This is great for at home and for smaller breasted ladies but because I’m large chested, I feel that I have to wear a bra underneath the tank when I go out.  Wearing a bra underneath is just my choice to be sure I’m supported, but it makes it makes it more difficult to nurse. Lol, it’s somewhat entertaining as I have to lift my shirt up, slide the strap off my shoulder, unsnap my bra, and then nurse. IMO, it’s definitely more convenient if you can go braless wearing the nursing tank. If you can do that, then this Mother Tucker nursing tank rocks!

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BB MT Scoop Neck large
The Mother Tucker Ultimate Scoop Neck Compression Tank is pretty awesome. It is just like a tank-top but smoothes me out in all my unflattering places – tummy and muffin-top. No, I can’t really nurse when I’m wearing it, but on days when I’m out without my baby, it’s perfect. It has nice wide straps that provide lots of support to my ta-tas and is seamless. The 3-inch anti-roll bottom is great too because who wants to have to keep rolling it down, right? The one thing that I wish was different on this tank would be the color. I ordered this tank in Nude, but I so wish it was Black because I’d be wearing it a lot more on it’s own rather than under my clothes.

BB MT Leggings
The Mother Tucker Leggings are a great piece to add to anyone’s wardrobe. The three targeted compression zones around my belly, buttocks, and thighs definitely make me feel like I’m a size, or two, smaller than what I really am. And you know how some shapewear makes you feel like you’re squished into a corsette? Not the Mother Tucker Leggings. I would consider wearing them around the house – almost. (Note: I’d much rather be wearing my Belly Bandit B.D.A pants around the house all day, everyday.)  I love how the leggings come up to just under my rib cage ensuring that my extra bulges are smooth under my shirt. Although the seamless, breathable knit holds its shape wash after wash, I do find them a tad hot to wear during the summer days. I’m excited to wear them more often during the cooler days in autumn under a short skirt or a light sweater. I can’t wait!

So celebs love the Mother Tucker line and you know what? I do too. If you’re in the market to smooth out any of your new mama bulges, why not Mother Tuck-it?

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