Review: Simple Wishes Bands Breastfeeding And Breastpumping

As many moms know – and soon-to-be moms will find out – breastfeeding isn’t as easy as we are led to believe.  But once we figure out the whole breastfeeding part of mommy hood, we also have to learn how to express our breast-milk in a timely and efficient manner.

Most, if not all, moms buy some nursing bras to wear during pregnancy and especially for after the baby is born.  But, I’m guessing that a lot of moms don’t really know to shop for a nursing bra that is also a pumping bra.

I wish I had heard about Simple Wishes after my first baby was born, however, I’m glad that I found about them for my second baby.

Simple Wishes provides simple solutions for breastfeeding mamas allowing us to breastfeed and breast pump beautifully – B³.

Simple Wishes

I’ve been using my Simple Wishes B³ All-in-One bra for the past few months and it has prevented a lot of stressful times while caring for my two daughters – both under 21-months old.  For my first daughter, I pumped a lot but didn’t have a pumping bra so I had my hands busy all the time while expressing my milk.  Now that I have the Simple Wishes bra, I can use my double pump with ease and be hands-free.   Thank goodness!

The Simple Wishes All-in-One bra is made with a silky-soft nylon/spandex material that conforms to my body and gives just enough support to hold my boobs up.  I wouldn’t go running with this bra, but for normal everyday errands, it works perfectly.

The All-in-One bra has the traditional single-hand clips for when I am nursing, and also has the innovative hands-free pumping panel.

Simple Wishes office
Regardless of what make or model your breast pump is, the All-in-One bra will accommodate it.  Although I have yet to use the patent-pending removable halter straps and flange loops that help support that breast-pump bottles during pumping, I like the fact that they’re available should I need them.

For those mamas that like to multitask, this bra will be great for you if you want to nurse and pump at the same time.  I haven’t tried that yet, but I admire those who do it!

If you’re in the market for a nursing bra, you will want to make sure that the Simple Wishes B³ All-in-One bra is on your shopping list – kill two birds with one stone bra.

Simple Wishes is offering HerScoop readers a 30% discount off your entire order for the next 7 days (expiring May 22, 2014) by entering CBSCOOP when checking out.

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