Review: Brings Their ‘A’ Game With On-The-Go Baby Essentials

If you’re a mom, you know how mind-boggling it can be packing a to-go bag for your baby.  From needing to prepare bottles, snacks, utensils, bibs, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and the list goes on and on, right?

What if you had a few go-to items that were designed for the parent on-the-go?

I know I would be grateful.

I have come across, an Australian company that has come up with their own twist to the everyday on-the-go products, and I know they have enhanced my experience while out and about with my daughters.

After checking out the website, I picked out the essential travel bib, snack pack, sippy cup and the diaper wallet to add my key baby items.

bboxbib + spoon range splish splashThe essential travel bib is pretty cool.  Ok, I know what you’re thinking…it’s a bib.  Yes, it’s a bib and it’s a stylish bib that I can attach to my diaper bag or stroller without it looking like a bib.  What I like about it is that once my daughter is done dropping a ton of food (a.k.a. eating) in to the bib tray all I have to do is zip it up and take it home with me to clean.  I don’t need to go searching for a garbage can while I’m out just to empty the remnants from her meal.

The essential travel bib also comes with the essential baby spoon.  Not only is this spoon made from FDA food grade silicone, but it and all of the other items are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.  The spoon is great for new eaters.  My 5-month old likes it because it’s soft to chew on and easy to grasp.

One challenge that I experienced with the essential spoon was that I found picking up chunkier food was difficult for me because of the flexibility of the spoon so I didn’t even offer it to my 20-month old daughter.  Having said that though, I love the essential spoon for helping her eat the fruit/veggie shake that we make each day.  It’s got a large scoopable area for liquids to sit on and it’s also one of my favorite spoons for foods like purees and yogurt.

bboxThe essential snack packThe essential snack pack has two separate compartments and a spoon that attaches to the top of the lid.  This is now my go-to container for taking some fruit and yogurt or crackers for my daughter’s snack.  It’s nice to know that the foods won’t touch and risk being a soggy, pile of mush by the time it’s snack time.  I like that the spoon can attach to the lid so I don’t have to go searching through my diaper bag to find it.

bboxsippy cup new grape
The Award-winning essential sippy cup is fabulous.  My daughter has other cups that force her to tip the cup up so that’s what she usually does.  The sippy cup’s weighted straw makes it so much easier for my daughter to drink because when she tips the cup out of habit, the design of the straw allows the liquid to still be sucked up.  The flip-lid is great for travel and also for playing ‘where’d it go?’

The other day while driving, I noticed my daughter shaking her sippy cup like crazy while she sat in her car seat.  She was just having fun watching the water swish back and forth. It gave me a small panic attack thinking that there was potentially going to be a big mess in the back seat for me to clean.  Thankfully, the sippy cup is leak proof.

bboxSplish Splash open with change mat
The last of the functional items that I have in my arsenal is the essential diaper wallet.  The diaper wallet can carry two diapers, up to 20 wipes and has an easy-to-clean change pad.  Because of the compact size of the wallet, it’s a great tool to have as a quick grab’n’go piece.  I use it as a back-up and often have it in my vehicle glove box.  It’s also great to have to throw into my husband’s back pack when he takes our daughters out.

The items are simple, unique and innovative.  It’s the small things that like the five items mentioned above that help make parenting on-the-go that much easier.

The collection is available at and at leading specialty juvenile products stores nationwide.  For more information visit

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