Review: The Nuna PEPP Buggy Is Chic And Functional

When you are expecting your first child, you will notice that you do a lot of reading and googling to learn all that you can about what to expect when you become a new parent.

One of the rules that are often not mentioned is that the smaller your bundle of joy, the more stuff you need to carry around.

Thank goodness the Nuna PEPP buggy is cleverly designed to think of everything, from an ultra-compact fold-in-half design to the ability to get around town with one hand (which is how you will be operating most days) to a full recline for on-the-go snoozes.


I have been pushing my 14-month old daughter around in my sleek PEPP stroller the past few weeks and have found it to be a good fit for our family.

The stroller, which was already fully assembled when it arrived at my door – just needed to attach the canopy – easily unfolds with only one hand.   When the stroller is folded back down, it ends up being a large backpack size that can fit nicely inside of a trunk, taxi, airplane or your entryway.  Another neat feature is that the stroller can stand on its own when it’s folded up.  Great for travelling!

The PEPP buggy has a single handle that is adjustable for smaller or taller people.  I love this feature because not only am I 37-weeks pregnant, I am 5’9” tall.  The single handle can hold a small diaper bag over it as well.  (Disclaimer: I know I probably shouldn’t be carrying my diaper bag on the handle as most stroller instruction guides often warn us of the potential that the stroller can tip.)  Or you can just put your diaper bag in the nice sized carry-bin underneath the stroller seat.

Not only does the PEPP buggy have three reclining levels for your babe to sleep, it also has a 3-point or a 5-point harness strap.  I had never seen a stroller with a 3-point harness until the PEPP, but I like that you have the option.  When my daughter is sleeping, it’s really easy to unstrap her without waking her because of the harness design.  I must admit that when I first tried to strap her in, I felt like I was participating in a Survivor challenge that was stumping me – and then my husband kindly read me the instructions and voila – simple!

PEPP SCARLET COLOR SHOTThe PEPP buggy can be used for your child from birth ‘til he/she is 50 lbs.  Nuna has created an array of accessories that can be added to your PEPP buggy, including the PIPA infant car seat, a footmuff for chilly days out and about, an easy pop up rain cover with quick Velcro attachments, etc.

My family and I are enjoying the PEPP buggy and love its versatility, maneuverability and chic-look.

Check out the Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and her son, Noah, strolling with their PEPP buggy.

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