Review: Celebs Love Tiny Tags Mommy Necklaces

For many women, wearing jewelry is just a regular every day thing to make an outfit look complete and to make you feel good.

When you’re a mom, wearing personalized jewelry is something that you hold near and dear to your heart.  Whether it be a namesake of your child(ren), a lost loved one, or an anniversary date, a personalized piece of jewelry is something that reminds you of the blessings in your life.

Tiny Tags has been creating lovely pieces of jewelry for moms and children to “celebrate the love in our lives.”

I have been fortunate enough to receive a lovely piece of jewelry from Tiny Tags along with the likes of actresses Tiffani Thiessen and Jennifer Garner and news anchor Natalie Morales.

DCutrona©TinyTags2-0328 (1)My new prized possession is the Elle Collection 1-Tag Gold Initial necklace with the letter ‘C’ on it.  I am not a huge jewelry wearer but I really like this necklace because it’s small and simple.  I must admit, when I ordered it, I was expecting it to be larger just because when I see other jewelry pieces they are always big ornamental type pieces.  But now that I am wearing it and see it daily, I love the size of the gold tag – it’s about the size of a dime.

I cherish the 14k gold plated tag and necklace because whenever I see it it reminds me of my daughter.  When I’m carrying her, she often grabs the tag or just fiddles with it.  When she looks closely at it, we have a little moment and I let her know that I will pass it on to her when she’s older.

After baby #2 arrives in a week or so, I will be ordering my newborn a simple Elle Collection sterling silver name tag.  I didn’t want to order it with the gold necklace because we didn’t have a name picked out yet.

Tiny Tags Elle CollectionI’m looking forward to the sterling silver necklace because it’s going to be personalized with our new arrival’s first name as well as her birthdate.  I believe I will still get the standard tag size (1/2” diameter), but with the sterling silver tags it’s nice to have the option to select a different tag size in case you want it larger.  I will also have the choice of what type (rolo or ball chain) and length of chain that I would like.

These Elle Collection tags are laser engraved using lower case lettering whereas the Kara Collection uses all upper case lettering.  The original hand-stamped tagging is also available.

Another great thing that I love about Tiny Tags is that as your family grows, you can simply add a new tag to your current necklace that you are wearing.

With the holiday season approaching, a personalized piece of jewelry may be the perfect gift for your loved one.  Be sure to check out Tiny Tags’ Gift Guide.

Tiny Tags is offering HerScoop and Celebrity Baby Scoop readers 15% off their purchase until Tuesday, November 12.  Please use the coupon code ‘cbs13’ when at the online checkout to receive the discount.

To learn more about Tiny Tags’ beautiful jewelry collection and to purchase, please go to

About Tiny Tags:
Tiny Tags’ jewelry is simple and classic and meant to be worn everyday. Personalized with children’s names, significant dates or words to live by Tiny Tags is creating jewelry to remind each of us what is important in our individual lives. Whether it is your child, a bible verse or the date you ran your first marathon, Tiny Tags’ jewelry is a celebration of you and the love in your life.

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