Review: Comotomo Just Feels Right To This Mama

Mommyhood brings a woman so much joy and laughter in her life, but it also brings a boatload of decisions.  One of the big decisions is whether or not to be a breastfeeding mama.  For some moms, it’s very natural to just plunk your babe on your boob and away you go – right from birth, but for many moms, the whole breastfeeding thing doesn’t feel all that natural at least for the first few weeks and sometimes longer.

So what if the breastfeeding isn’t going quite as you planned or perhaps you’d like to begin weaning your babe?  With so many bottles to choose from on the store shelves, it can be very overwhelming and let’s not forget – expensive – trying to find the right bottle and nipple for your beloved baby.

Comotomo has come up with a solution for moms and babes and I have fallen in love!

It all started with the question – Why?

[Comotomo] heard countless tales from frustrated moms in desperate search for the elusive bottle their little ones will take. We encountered the oft spoken about issue of “nipple confusion” that was mostly ignored in product designs. We saw moms spending way too much time (and precious sanity) trying to clean out those narrow-necked baby bottles. We were eyewitnesses to shelves full of bottles that looked and felt so foreign to natural nursing. And to our dismay, we saw just one too many plain and uninspired products. So, being design junkies, we asked the natural question… Why?


The Comotomo designers created a Baby Bottle that is as close to a mom’s boob as I’ve ever seen – and felt.  And I’m not joking!  The nipple is designed to represent a breast and the baby is able to latch on the nipple surface just as he/she would on mom.  The actual bottle is soft and squishy as well replicating what a baby would feel if he/she were actually nursing.  When I first gave the bottle to my daughter, she basically sat there drinking and squishing the bottle until it was empty.

ComotomoI really like the fact that the bottle is made from 100% medical grade hygienic silicone, which is about the safest material you can find, and is dishwasher safe.  The opening of the bottle is wide enough that I can use a cloth to clean it rather than having to stuff a brush into a narrow opening.

The bottles come in two different sizes – 150 ml or 250 ml (5 or 8 oz.) and have three different options for flow of nipples – slow, medium, and fast flow.

I will definitely be using this bottle with baby # 2 and recommend adding it to your baby registry.

C w/ Comotomo TeetherAnother great Comotomo product that my daughter has been using is the Teether.  The unique design of the Teether is attractive to her because it mimics biting on little fingers – and we all know that babies love to bite their fingers!

My dear daughter has been a drooling factory the past few months as her back teeth breakthrough, but she lights up when I hand her the bright orange teether.  She reaches for it right away and starts munching for minutes at a time.

The baby-finger sized Teether is also made of 100% medical grade hygienic silicone so it can be cleaned by boiling it or even thrown in the dishwasher.

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