Review: DaddyScrubs Diaper Pack Is Made For Proud Papas

When a new baby is on the way, expectant parents often go shopping for a diaper bag to tote all the necessities that our little one will need – diapers, wipes, bottles, extra clothes, etc.  For most parents that I know, it is the moms that pick out the diaper bag that we like with little input from dad.

In my household, I have selected the diaper bags that we have and use and they are a little on the stylish-girly side rather than a unisex bag.

So how does dad feel more comfortable when he has a daddy-daughter/son day without mom and the feminine diaper bag?

The solution to stay organized comes in the form of a Daddy Diaper Pack made by  It’s the ultimate go-to bag for dads!

DaddyScrubsI ordered this Daddy Diaper Pack for my hubby and he was pleasantly surprised when he opened it.  It’s simple, sleek, functional and yet, manly!

The black back pack is tailored to dads that need to have a place for all the baby necessities.  There are two larger pouches where dad can stash the diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes.  Both of the pouches are made to allow for wet or soiled items so it can be easily wiped out and cleaned if needed.

There are three smaller pouches along the front of the bag.  The top pouch is made with softer material making it great to stash keys, sunglasses and a cell phone.  The middle pouch has little compartments in it so you can add your zoo pass, bank cards, pens, small toys, etc. without having to fiddle around looking for them in the bigger pouches.  The third small pouch is lined to help keep your snacks and/or drinks cool.

Dad can store some beverages in the bottle and drink holders located on the sides of the back pack.  And there’s a clip/belt on the front of the bag that can be used to hold extra shoes or towels or even a sand pail.

A couple of comments that my hubby made was that he liked that it’s a back pack – not an over the shoulder feminine tote bag – and can’t forget the “I’m the Daddy” embroidering on the bag – he is a proud daddy!

I’m interested to see what my husband packs in the bag when he goes out…and especially when our second baby arrives and he’ll have to pack for two diaper-wearing daughters!

My ‘mom’ sidenote: there is no diaper pad included with the Daddy Diaper Pack, but I’m sure that most of us have an extra one kicking around that we can add – but only if dad wants it.  😉

Thinking about a great holiday gift for dad?  Remember, Dads need simple. Dads need functional. Dads need the Daddy Diaper Pack!

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