Review: Ingrid & Isabel Helps Women Feel Fabulous During Pregnancy…And Beyond

When expecting a baby, a woman goes through so many changes in her body…from the morning sickness, fatigue, pregnancy brain, etc.  It’s pretty amazing what a woman’s body can do when it’s growing another person.  But when all these changes are happening, sometimes the mama-to-be just needs a little pick-me-up.

And one of the best ways to do so is to have a few key pieces of clothing that you look good in, feel good in and that grows with your expanding body.

Ingrid & Isabel is in the business of helping expectant moms do just that – embracing pregnancy.

I have been able to wear some Ingrid & Isabel maternity wear during my last few weeks of pregnancy. I do wish that I had ordered them earlier on so I could have been more stylish during round 2, but that’s ok, I’m wearing them now!

One of my favorite pieces is the Active Pant – Long.  If you know me, I like comfort and you’ll often find me in some sort of workout style attire.  Well these pants fit into my wardrobe perfectly, only they are made for my pregnant body.

I I Active Pant

The Active Pant – Long are great for workouts, yoga, or just everyday lounging around the house or grocery shopping.  A cool feature of the pants is the Crossover Panel in the back of the pants – as your body expands, the panel will expand with you and still provide you with some lower back support.  And at 38-weeks into my pregnancy, I need all the support I can get!

The material used for the Active Pant is moisture-wicking and anti-microbial to help with breathability as you work out or just when you’re having one of the never-ending hot flashes.

I I Ruched Tank1Another one of my favorite pieces is the Ruched Tank – Seamless.  The Ruched Tank goes on like you are putting a swim-suit on and fits really snug.  The heavy pleating helps accentuate your new curves, but in a nice way – kind of like wearing shapewear.  Because the tank fits so snug, it will be a great piece of clothing to wear post-natal as our belly’s work to get back to pre-pregnancy shape.   An added perk of the Ruched Tank is that I’ve been wearing the tank with a pair of my maternity jeans that always fall down. But with the Ruched Tank I no longer have to worry about my pants falling – the tank acts as a belt for me too!

I also ordered the Ingrid & Isabel Everywear Scarf.  It’s a great accessory piece to add to the Ruched Tank any other top.  It’s really long and can be wrapped around a few times depending on what length you want the ends to be.  I’m looking forward to wearing it when I’m out of the house and have to nurse as it would be great to cover up your ta-ta and your babe while he/she is feeding.

I I Wrap Tie TopThe Wrap Tie Top is a versatile top.  It’s super comfy and the design of it still shows off that you are pregnant, but yet covers up any areas that you may want to keep more discreet.  I ordered this top because it can also be useful for post-natal wear and nursing.

And of course because I love comfy, I had to order the Lounge Set which comes with the long sleeved top and the drawstring pant.  The top is a deep V-neck which will be great for nursing and my hubby likes it because it shows off a lot of cleavage.  :)  The long sleeves are nice too especially coming in to the fall/winter months.

The Lounge Set pants look like they will be comfortable as well, however they aren’t fitting me at this point in time – 38-weeks pregnant and my baby is sitting really low.  I’m looking forward to wearing the pants post-natal as they’ll be great lounge pants – hence their name!

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of the clothing that I have received from Ingrid & Isabel and am happy to have added these wonderful pieces to my maternity wardrobe.

To order your Ingrid & Isabel maternity wear, go to

A great bonus to ordering your Ingrid & Isabel clothing online is that shipping is free for orders over $50 and free returns.

About Ingrid & Isabel:
Ingrid & Isabel is a maternity company that designs innovative pregnancy essentials to help women look and feel beautiful throughout pregnancy and beyond. Launched in 2003, its lead product, the BellaBand, has been a huge success. Since then, the company has launched its Essentials Collection, a line of maternity basics. Ingrid & Isabel’s line is available at specialty stores across the US, Canada and abroad, as well as major retailers, such as Nordstrom,,,, Due Maternity and more.

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