Review: Funkins Bring Out The Smiles In Kids And Mom

Part of being a parent is trying to create a pleasant environment for our kids – from a clean home, access to learning tools, and a place to have fun.

What if we could make mealtime fun for our children and also keep it waste-free?

Funkins has created a way to bring smiles to young children and adults alike with their high-quality, stylish cloth napkins, designed to keep little faces – and the earth – neat and clean.

My family and I have received a few different styles of the colorful napkins and are enjoying finding special ways to use them.  A great way to use them is to throw them in your child’s lunchbox when they head off to class or pre-school.  Your little one will be surprised each day as a new pattern will appear – from little piggies smiling, to polka dots, to sports, to flowers, etc.


Since my daughter is only 13 months old, the lunchbox is not an option for us yet, but we have brought out the Funkins on number of occasions.  Here are a few of the ways that we have come up with to use the napkins:

– I have one tucked away in my diaper bag to help clean up any spills in the car or when we are out.

– During playtime, my daughter likes to look at the different patterns and we use it as a lesson to learn the different animal names, shapes, colors, etc.

– Also, during playtime, she uses a napkin to mimic a cleaning cloth and wipes the floor – I sure hope she likes to clean as she gets older – it will make my job easier!!

– At mealtime we use it as a placemat if she’s eating at a big dinner table or in a restaurant.

Funkins aren’t just your typical reusable napkin or placemat.  The 13”x15” double-sided napkins are made from 100% organic cotton, high-quality fabric, phthalate and lead-free materials and low-impact dyes.

Funkins Halloween

Be sure to add a flash of color and fun to your party and holiday decorations with Funkins – I know that we will…and some friends/family may even get some Funkins as gifts 😉

I’m loving our Funkins!

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