Review: Ingrid & Isabel Dresses Moms Up For Spring

Yay!  Spring is here!  And we all like to add a few new Spring pieces to add to our wardrobe, don’t we?

Well, if you’re an expectant mama, (or even if you’re not, but you just want a flowing dress to make you feel radiant,) then take a peek at the new Ingrid and Isabel’s Spring 2014 line.

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I have just received two beautiful dresses from Ingrid and Isabel’s Spring Line and they are gorgeous.

I must remind you that I am all about comfort and often don’t wear anything but t-shirts and workout pants or jeans, so when I say they are gorgeous, I really mean it.  And although I am four months post-partum, my body still has a ways to go to get to my pre-pregnancy shape/size.

I I LeopardSo the first dress that I tried on was the Ingrid and Isabel Leopard Print dress.  After I got over my initial shock that I was actually wearing a dress, I fell in love with it.  For the first time since my wedding day, I felt attractive and like a ‘lady’ – not like ‘mom,’ who always has her hair in a ponytail and wearing clothes that she could wear to the gym.

The distinctive print on the sleeveless dress is totally out of my comfort-zone and it’s probably why I like it so much.   There is a removable self-belt that is a nice option creating two different looks depending on my mood and my changing body shape.   It would look super-cute if I had my belly bump still.

As a taller woman (5’9”), the Leopard Print dress comes down to about six inches above my knee so if I want to show some leg, then this dress definitely allows me to do so.

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I I FloralThe second dress that I received from the Ingrid and Isabel Spring Line is the Floral Print Maxi dress.

I’ve never had a maxi-dress before and never knew how comfortable they were.  The long, flowing design left me feeling like I was frolicking out in an open field (i.e. naked, yet not self-conscious that everyone could see me.)

The Floral Print Maxi dress also has a self-belt that allows me to go for different looks depending on if I am pregnant or beyond.  The dress is quite long, even for me.  I may just have to splurge a little and pick up a nice pair of shoes to wear with it and not feel guilty.

Both dresses have a lining in them and are made out of 100% polyester.

Now that I’ve added some fabulous Ingrid and Isabel dresses to my wardrobe and to help me feel more lady-like, I’m sure my husband will be excited. 😉

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