Review: mbaby™ by Munchkin Makes An Impression On Mom

Do you like dressing your baby up in fashionable clothes that are also functional?


If you want the fashion and function combo, I’ve found the ideal line of clothing for babes – mbaby™ by Munchkin.

The mbaby™ apparel collection was just introduced to the market at the end of January 2014 and consists of Onester™, Sleepster™ and playwear.

One of the unique features in this collection is the patent-pending double-layer front that keeps your baby’s tummy warm while leaving the backside single-layered and more breathable.  Perfect because our babes spend a majority of their time on the backs while in the stroller, high-chairs, sleeping, etc.

I have had the opportunity to dress my little one in three of the pieces and I must say, they are fabulous!


My daughter first tried out the Onester™ Short Sleeve Lemon Cake onesie.  Not only did I love the refreshing color, but the double-layer inside pattern was a beautiful confetti-like design giving the onesie a little more flare.  The material on the Onester™ is 100% cotton knit and feels remarkably soft.  Even after washing, it comes out feeling the same as when it was new. mbaby1

My 3-month old also wore the Onester™ Long Sleeve Mist Dot piece.  With the weather in Canada well below freezing, she will be wearing this a lot.  Once again, it’s double-layered in the front to keep her insulated while the back is breathable.  This built-in-blanket feature is great because I usually have her wrapped up a few times in thin blankets throughout the day if she’s going to be sleeping near the floor.  Now I don’t have to worry as much about her being warm enough.

The cuffs on the two Onester™ pieces have little tiny frills on them making the onesies a little more feminine and stylish. mbabystripes

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The third mbaby™ item that we have dressed our daughter in is the Sleepster™ Cherry Red Pinstripe.  This sleeper looks cute and comfy.  The stitching around the neck and cuff area is stylin’ with the unfinished look – yes, my sewing vocabulary is non-existent! And like the Onester™, the material on the Sleepster™ is soft to the touch.

A cool characteristic of the Sleepster™ is the convertible footie.  The foot flaps can be folded up during the day to allow my daughter’s feet to air-out and for colder days and sleep-time, the flaps can be flipped over to cover her feet.  And with the open-foot option, she can wear this sleeper for a long time as she grows. (see thumbnails for photo)


Another clever detail in the design of the mbaby™ collection is the snap coloring.  Rather than have us fumble and misalign the snaps after diaper changes, mbaby™ added a shiny brass snap at the center of the item to help guide us.  Brilliant!

Overall, I believe that mbaby™ has definitely accomplished marrying fashion with functionality and is a welcome addition to our baby’s closet!

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