Review: Timi & Leslie Gives Mom Plenty Of Pampering

Expecting a baby?  Maybe it’s your first, maybe it’s your sixth.  Regardless of how many babies you have, you are going to want a bag of some sort to carry all your baby essentials.

And after growing a little person in our body for a better part of a year, a mama deserves to be a little bit selfish once baby is born, don’t you think?

A nice relaxing massage is fantastic and hits the spot, but it only lasts a few hours.  Why not treat ourselves to something that lasts a lot longer – at least a few years?

I just received a Timi & Leslie diaper bag that I ordered online and I am pleasantly surprised!

The Timi & Leslie Kate bag in Dark Teal/Saddle is even prettier than I thought it was going to be.  The vegan faux leather (PVC free) looks and feels luxurious not to mention easy to clean. The stitching pattern is sharp and adds to the stylish design of the diaper bag.

After ordering in the Kate bag, I got busy with life and motherhood and completely forgot about all the little goodies that are included with the diaper bag.  It’s exciting to open the box that the mailman dropped off, but then it’s like Christmas all over again when you open the bag up!

The accessories included with the Timi & Leslie Convertible diaper bag are:
– matching change pad with a pouch to add diapers and wipes
– a mini-purse so I can put all my credit cards and purse essentials in it – no need to carry a separate purse around anymore! Yay!
– stroller straps to attach the bag to the stroller handle for easy access
– detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
– insulated bottle holder
– dirty clothes sack – great added feature because we know there’s going to be a blow-out some time or other!

I think the Kate bag is the perfect size to carry essentials for one baby.  There’s room inside the water-resistant lined interior for a change of clothes and the other regular essentials.  There’s even space to add a toy to keep my baby entertained.  On each end of the bag there is an elastic pocket to hold a bottle and there’s two other elastic pockets that can hold the diapers and/or food.

If you’re looking for a diaper bag that is neutral for mom and dad style-wise, the Timi & Leslie Kate bag may not be the best fit for dad.  Kate’s style and design look the best over a more feminine shoulder – at least in my opinion.  Surprisingly enough, my hubby really liked the convertible diaper bag and said he’d have no problems carrying it…but has yet to do so.  That’s quite alright with me as I can claim the Kate bag to be my own and not the ‘family’ bag.

After owning the Kate diaper bag, I can now say that I am a Timi & Leslie fan and I am grateful for the daily pampering.

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