Review: Skip Hop Gives Parents A Helping Hand

So baby has arrived and you’ve finally got a routine figured out.  Feels nice, doesn’t it?  Before long you realize that your baby is going to be a lot more active than just lying on his/her back.

Have you prepared your house for a crawling baby?  How about for bath time when your baby transitions to the big tub?  Or what about when he starts walking?

I know, so much to think about.

Fortunately, Skip Hop is here to help us.

As a mom to a 19-month old and a 4-month old, I have my hands full, but have selected a few items from Skip Hop that I thought would make my life easier and that of my two daughters.

My favorite combo is Skip Hop’s Playspot Foam Floor Tiles and the Playspot Funspot Activity Circles. Not only do these floor tiles just look cool, they coordinate with the colors in my living room.  Bye, bye old floor tiles that made my living room feel like I lived in the Romper Room.  I like how the Playspot Foam Floor Tiles have a unique pattern and you can change it up by mixing the circles and tiles up to create different looks.  My oldest daughter likes pulling the circles out and piling them up to make a chair or a tower.  We sometimes pull up a circle and place a piece of paper in the empty space and turn it into a drawing tile.

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Because I have a 4-month old that is building up her neck strength, I thought the Playspot Funspot Activity Circles would be perfect for her.  She enjoys pulling on the ring and the different textured tags.  My oldest daughter turns her body in different postures to get a different view of the world through the Funspot mirror.  It’s a lot of fun watching them both as they play on the Playspot Floor Tiles.

Skip Hop Bath MatIn the bathroom, we have been using the small baby tub for both our babies (separately) until this week.  I was always a little hesitant to have both of them in the big tub together for fear of one of them slipping.  After getting the Moby Non-Slip Bath Mat, I feel a lot more confident having them bathe together.  With my oldest sitting on the Moby Bath Mat and playing, I knew it would be highly unlikely that she’d slip so I was able to concentrate on bathing my little one.

Skip Hop Water Rinser

So for the past three or four months my 19-month old has been freaking out whenever I try to rinse her hair after washing it…like freaking out!  I thought that the Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser would be a gift from above and that every hair washing event would be smooth sailing.  Yeah, not so much.  We’re making progress on the hair rinsing, but it’s still a traumatic event.  My daughter plays with the Waterfall Bath Rinser and knows exactly how to use it, just not while she’s in the bathtub!  Sigh…one day she’ll let me use the Waterfall Bath Rinser in the tub without screaming bloody murder!

CSkip Hop

The last Skip Hop item that we received is the Walk-Along Stroller Handle.  Such a simple and fun idea that helps my daughter feel like a big girl and yet, it keeps her close to me when we go for a walk.  It’s almost as if it’s an extra hand extended from my body.  The Walk-Along Stroller Handle is designed to attach easily to a stroller, diaper bag, shopping cart, etc. and is the perfect size for little hands to grasp.  My little walker really likes the little owl design on it and I think that is actually why she grabs on to the handle when asked.  (And yes, I take my daughter on walks sometimes when she is still wearing her pajamas!)

I am really pleased with the Skip Hop products that I have used so far and hope to check out more of their large baby product line.  Skip Hop will be a great companion to have as my babes grow.

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