Review: Peekaboo Beans Puts Heart Into Kids’ Comfort And Play

Are you the type of mom that loves to dress up your little bundle of joy in the most adorable outfits?

I’ll admit for me, I like to do it, but only if we’re leaving the house and heading somewhere special, otherwise, I dress my dear daughter in just a short-sleeved onesie and some comfy pants.

I did, however, just recently come across a company called Peekaboo Beans that makes stylish clothing for babies/kids that are made for comfort and play.  It got me thinking, “What if I could dress my daughter in something cute AND comfy all the time – even while we are just hanging at home?”

Peekaboo Beans Fall2013_FacebookBannerPBCICI3
I was introduced to Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist, Sarah Dickinson, and she graciously sent me an adorable infant outfit from the company’s new Fall 2013 line called With All My Heart! that just launched mid-August.

Peekaboo Beans - CharleeThe shirt was a My Heart purple tunic and the pants were black Being You leggings with little gold hearts on them.  I think my daughter looked super sweet, but of course, I am her mama!

What I liked about the outfit besides how cute it was, was the material that the clothing was made from.  You know when you feel something and it feels like a higher-end product.  The fabric is a triple woven french terry that has received Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This means that at all stages of production there have been no harmful substances and chemicals that are known to be damaging to your health. Often materials that are treated to help with stain prevention have these harmful chemicals.

When I washed the outfit, it looked and felt the same as when I pulled it out of the packaging.

As I learned more about Peekaboo Beans, I really appreciated some of their main values.  It is felt that children should be valued as individuals and thus PB clothing is designed through the kid’s eyes and for what is best for them. PB is dedicated to producing high quality product that has longevity and has the ability to be passed down to younger siblings or to other “Beans” and still look fabulous. PB also feels that their clothing can provide parents with the tools to foster independence and self-esteem in their children.

Another great aspect of Peekaboo Beans, in my opinion, is their distribution model.  We all know that women talk, and we all know that women refer their friends to products that they love.  Well if we, as women, do this and do it often, why not create a little extra family income by doing so.  Peekaboo Beans has decided to use a direct-selling approach to getting their clothes into the market and our houses.  Moms like you and I can become Peekaboo Beans Play Stylists to help share the values and quality of the Peekaboo Beans’ brand while earning some awesome discounts and/or some extra cash by hosting PB soirees.

Peekaboo Beans - SarahTo get more information about Peekaboo Beans clothing and opportunities, go to  Sarah can help answer any questions you may have.

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About Peekaboo Beans:
Peekaboo Beans is a children’s clothing company for ages 6-months to 7-8 year old boys/girls and also includes a line for tween girls called CiCi Beans that goes up to a size 14. It encompasses the importance of play and making the time for play with your children which is one of Traci Costa’s, the owner of Peekaboo Beans, main objectives. The company is located in Richmond, British Columbia and was created in 2005.

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