Review: phil & teds’ Poppy Chair Is High On My List

A baby needs to eat, right?

So now that he/she is ready to eat solids, you will probably want to get a high chair.  But there are so many to choose from – what’s a mama to do?

After using a hand-me-down high chair for my oldest baby the past year, I made a small list of must-haves that I wanted in a new high chair for my 6-month old.  My top three priorities for a new high chair were in no particular order:

1)      Smaller and not so bulky
2)      Convertible
3)      Easy to clean and keep clean

After doing some research, I came across the Poppy high chair by phil & teds.  My three key points were ticked off so I ordered one and have been using it for the past month.

POPPYThe Poppy high chair is literally a snap to put together.  The four legs snap into the soft and comfy aero core seat and voila, it’s ready for mealtime.  When it’s time to put the chair away, I simply have to remove the back two legs and lean it up in my small closet.  It’s really compact and weighs less than nine pounds!

I use the Poppy to feed my 21-month old daughter and my little baby.  My oldest daughter likes the bright blue color of the chair and her feet sit nicely on the little foot rest.  The Poppy chair encourages her to sit up straight which I think helps her feel like a big girl.  My 6-month old just loves to eat so every time I put her in the Poppy she gets so excited.  I sometimes feel like I’m racing to attach the 5-point harness before she flaps herself out of the chair with excitement!

One of my favorite features of the phil & ted’s Poppy high chair is the adaptability of it.  It can be used as a high chair, a low chair, a pull-up-to-the-table chair, and a play chair.  As my kids grow or as our needs change, our Poppy can change with us.  Note: I love the Poppy slogan: from high chair to ‘my chair.’

PT conversion
When the Poppy is in the high chair position I occasionally find myself catching my foot on one of the legs as I walk by.  Yes, the legs of the Poppy are quite wide-spread but I do have the chair placed in the middle of my kitchen and I don’t really pay attention to where I’m walking.  I think it’s a user-error as opposed to a flaw in the design of the Poppy.  Maybe by moving the chair closer to the kitchen table, out of the walkway or perhaps putting it in the low-chair position, I wouldn’t have any more walking issues!

PT Poppy_my chair 3_4 back_limeThe Poppy’s table tray is large enough to hold a drink and a few bowls or plates at mealtime.  The part that I love best about it is how easy it is to clean.  There’s a slight ridge around the edges of the tray so all it takes is a few quick wipes and it’s clean.

We all know how many crumbs often end up in high chairs, right?  Well, not in the Poppy.  The chair doesn’t have any grooves or slots where the crumbs can hide.  Yay!  And It’s nice to know that for a more sanitizing clean, I can just pop the table tray AND the chair cover into the dishwasher.  How cool is that?

So aside from meeting my three must-haves, the longer I have the phil & teds Poppy high chair the more I fall in love with it.

When you are on the hunt for a new high chair, I highly recommend checking out the Poppy!

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– Canadian HerScoop readers go to West Coast Kids.

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