Review: Prince Lionheart’s Wheely Bug Is All The Buzz

What could be more fun than hopping on a big Lady Bug and cruising around the living room?

Perhaps jumping on a large size Bee!

My daughter’s newest toy is the Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug Bee and it has resulted in a lot of smiles and laughs in our household as of late.

Let’s back up a few weeks.  While looking online at some baby items, I came across a few ride-along children’s toys.  And now that my 17-month old daughter has been walking for three months, I thought that she’d be ready for something different in the toy box.

Prince Lionheart Wheely BugAfter deciding that the Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug was going to be our first ride’em toy, I let my daughter pick out the one that caught her eye – and it was the Bee!  She could have had her pick of the Cow, the Mouse, the Lady Bug, the Tiger, and the Pig, but she just kept on saying, “Bee, Bee, Bee.”

Once our Wheely Bug arrived, we cleared out our small living room play area and checked out the Bee.  The colors are bright and appealing.  The black handle is the perfect height for my daughter to hold onto when sitting on top of it.  The covering material on the Bee seems to be very durable and is easy to clean.  The antennae caught my little one’s attention and she had a great time making them wobble – just like the bathroom door stopper!

Prince Lionheart CharleeSince it is the first ride-em toy that my daughter has experienced, she is still trying to figure out how to make the Bee move on her own.  She has been riding the Bee with our assistance and absolutely loves it.  The multi-directional castors on the Bee allow it to easily move in zig-zag or circular directions and will be a great feature for when she becomes more independent.

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We ordered the small Wheely Bug because the recommended age was 1.5+ years and the large Wheely Bug was recommended for children three years and up.  The small Bee seems to fit her well now and it is also the perfect size for indoor use in our home.  We do have one transition strip that she will eventually ride over and we’re in the midst of teaching her how to maneuver over it to prevent any accidental head-plants!

Today my dearest daughter decided to work on some strength-training carrying the Wheely Bug from one room to another – she carried the 4-pound toy and she’s not even a year and a half old!  I’m amazed at how strong she is, but I made sure to take some time to show her how to roll it from room to room instead.

The very sturdy and well-crafted Wheely Bug Bee will be a fun toy to play with for years to come.  Can’t wait until my girl can ride the Bee on her own and I see her buzzing around the living room!

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