Review: The Shade Provides Great Protection For Our Wee Ones

When a soon-to-be mom is about to have a baby, she often makes sure that she has all the necessities ready to go for when the baby is brought home from the hospital or wherever he/she is born.

One of the items that may be missed from the list of necessities, but is a great-to-have in my opinion and especially depending on the weather, is an infant car seat canopy.

Living in Canada, the weather at this time of the year is very unpredictable and when I was on my way to the hospital to give birth to my second baby a few weeks ago, it was snowy and cold.  A few days later, when my newborn and I were discharged, the sun was shining but it was still cold.

Thankfully, I had packed The Shade by Imagine Baby along with my infant car seat to ensure our new love was protected from the elements when moving her to and from the hospital.  I used a blanket in the past with my oldest daughter, but find The Shade to be much more practical and useful.

Imagine Baby The Shade

The Shade’s solid material, made of 90% Micropoly and 10% Lycra, fits perfectly around the foot of our infant car seat and secures around the back of the car seat with the elastic straps and Velcro. I like that The Shade has a mesh material in the front of the product that allows me to see my little one when I need to and also lets her to see the bright lights.

The solid material can be pulled over the meshing to protect my babe from the wind, sun, rain, snow or just to keep it dark inside her car seat to let her sleep.  The Shade’s soft, stretchy material provides UPF 50 protection from the sun’s harmful rays and is also water-resistant.

Imagine Baby The Shade 3The Shade appears to be tightly attached to the car seat, but it is extremely breathable.  The design of the product allows for me to slide my hands in the sides between the car seat and The Shade to readjust my daughter’s hat or blanket when the need arises.

An added bonus of The Shade is that it acts as a shield from flying toys!  We have our two car seats set up side by side in our vehicle and my 15-month old daughter holds onto toys while she sits rear-facing.  When my dear daughter is finished with a toy, she often flings it off to the side which was totally fine when there was no one sitting beside her.  But now that Baby K is here, it’s a safety hazard if The Shade isn’t on our newborn’s car seat.

I’m very happy that we have The Shade by Imagine Baby and would definitely recommend it to other parents with newborns.

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