Review: Belly Bandit Provides Post-Partum Support to Moms

Don’t you just love how most moms still look 6-months pregnant after giving birth to their newborn baby?

Call me naïve but before my first baby was born, I had no idea that was going to happen…I just thought that I might have a few extra pounds but had no idea that my belly wouldn’t just instantly disappear.

And it took a lot of time and effort for me to shed 37 lbs after baby – and I still had 13 to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight before I got pregnant with number two.

BBorganic_front_1_2For the second time around I planned ahead somewhat and ordered the Organic by Rosie Pope Belly Bandit to have on hand for after my second baby was born.

The Belly Bandit acts like a compression belt that new moms can wear after giving birth to help shrink their body (i.e. mid-section) and support their backs, legs, and core muscles.

I’m still a work-in-progress with the Belly Bandit but wanted to share with you my thoughts on the product thus far.

First off, I ordered the Organic by Rosie Pope Belly Bandit when I was still pregnant and I think I gained a little bit more weight than I anticipated.  I had to wait a few weeks after my C-Section before I could even wrap the Belly Bandit around my stomach because of the incorrect sizing.  Once I was able to wear it, it did provide me with additional support around my mid-section so that I could lift my older toddler and do other tasks with greater ease.

BBarrows_6Now that it fits, I wear it daily during the daytime hours and have noticed small changes in the size of my mid-section.  I know I will have slower results because I have been indulging in the holiday treats (A LOT!) and also didn’t realize that I was supposed to wear all day every day – even overnight.

I am liking how the Belly Bandit acts as shape-wear under my clothing – especially when I have been out and about for holiday events.  It instantly gives a slimming feeling and takes the lumps out of my middle area.  Yay!

As an added bonus, a portion of all Organic by Rosie Pope Belly Bandit sales will go towards the SHADES OF PINK organization which helps provide financial assistance to moms experiencing financial distress after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

BBbda_front_black_1Another product that I ordered before baby #2 arrived were the B.D.A. (the Before, During, and After) pants.

Can you say COMFY?   So comfy that it feels like you aren’t even wearing pants!

These are my favorite pair of pants that I own and I wear them all the time!

The B.D.A. pants are great for pregnancy because there is additional material that can be flipped up over your growing belly.  After baby is born, they are perfect because they aren’t too tight in the mid-section area which is great if you had a C-Section.  And as your body shrinks, you can flip the mid-section material that once covered your baby bump over and wear them as a regular pant.

They even have Mini-B.D.A. pants available for those women that want a knee-length option.

Definitely a must-have for expectant and post-partum moms.

To purchase the Belly Bandit and the B.D.A. Collection, go to

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(Note: I love Rosie Pope in her show Pregnant In Heels and wish that I still had cable to watch it!)

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