Review: Itzy Ritzy’s On-The-Go Collection Keeps Kids Moving In Style

Planning on taking your little one on a trip anytime soon?  Or perhaps preschool is starting up and your youngster is going to need to pack a lunch.  Are you looking for some stylish gear that your child will take pride in and want to use?

Itzy Ritzy is your one-stop shop for kids’ travel accessories.

Knowing that my family and I are going to be doing some travelling in the next few months and in preparation of my 19-month old daughter’s need for independence, I took a closer look at Itzy Ritzy’s On-The-Go Collection.  I decided to order the Adventure Happens kids rolling luggage, the Preschool Happens little kid backpack, and the Lunch Happens insulated lunch bag.

All three of the Itzy Ritzy items came with the adorable owl character on the front and pink stripes – perfect for my two daughters.  (Note: the other color/character combo is blue travel gear with a monkey.)

Itzy Ritzy luggageThe Itzy Ritzy Adventure Happens rolling suitcase is the perfect size for a weekend trip to grandma and grandpa’s house or as carry-on luggage for the airplane.  There is a front-zippered pocket for easy access items and a large area for general packing.  To help my daughter prepare for any overnight getaways, we taught her how to use the locking handle and pull the rolling suitcase around the living room.  Amazingly, she does laps while dragging the suitcase around.

The Adventure Happens has a clear plastic ID case to personalize the suitcase in case the luggage gets lost and each zipper has a soft-fabric tag attached to help your child open and close the bag easily.

I really like how the Adventure Happens suitcase has two plastic feet on the bottom along with the wheels.  The feet help the case stand upright and keep it elevated enough off the ground keeping the bag somewhat clean during our travels.

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itzy ritzy back packFor daily outings, the Itzy Ritzy Preschool Happens little kid backpack is a stylish accessory for your child.  Your little one will have his own special bag to stash away his favorite items or to take any necessities to daycare.

I think it’s great how the Preschool Happens backpack has a side pocket for snacks and a mesh area for a water bottle.   I’d rather my daughter have those two items accessible than tucked away in the main zipper compartment.

The Preschool Happens backpack has to two loops that my daughter can use to carry the bag or for storage purposes.  And the backpack has two padded shoulder straps and a chest strap that will help keep her comfortable when toting around her possessions.

One of the reasons why we ordered the Itzy Ritzy Preschool Happens bag is because it also comes with a harness.  Before I had kids I used to think it was crazy that parents put their kids on a harness or leash, but now I can see that there is a place and time where a harness may come in handy…especially in crowded scenarios.

itzy ritzy lunchThe smallest of the three Itzy Ritzy bags that we have is the Lunch Happens insulated lunch bag.  It’s a decent sized lunch bag measuring 10” x 7.5” x 4” and is made of a food-safe material that can be spot cleaned with ease.

The Lunch Happens has a buckle handle on it allowing you or your child to attach the lunch kit to one of the Itzy Ritzy backpacks or luggage, a stroller, etc.  It also has a zippered pocket on the backside for holding small items such as lunch money or cards.

I am loving the Itzy Ritzy travel accessories and get a kick out of watching my daughter wearing, carrying or dragging the cute gear.

If your youngster will be on the move soon or if you want to reinvent his/her travel gear, you will want to take a closer look at Itzy Ritzy’s On-The-Go Collection.

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