Review: The Shaidee Keeps Babe Cool And Comfortable

So you like the outdoors and love carrying your baby in the baby carrier.  What do you do to protect your little one from the sun’s powerful rays?

Let me introduce you to the Shaidee.

The Shaidee is made for those parents who love to keep their baby close but also love to spend their time outside.  It’s designed to keep baby cool and yet protect him/her from the harmful rays from the sun.

Living in Canada, I don’t often use my infant carrier when outdoors because it’s too cold, but the odd time I do it’s on a sunny day.

During a recent chinook, I took my infant outside using the carrier while my hubby played with our toddler.  It was sunny out so rather than use a blanket or a hat to shade my lil’ one, I pulled out the Shaidee.

Shaidee woman

The Shaidee is made of an anti-bacterial foam and quick-dry mesh with 3M wicking.  So you can be working up a sweat, but yet the material helps you and baby stay cool and dry.

My baby’s sensitive skin was protected because the Shaidee covered a large area surrounding the top of her head and even folded down along the sides.  Because of the sizable shade, I didn’t have to worry about putting chemicals/sunscreen on my babe’s face.

When I first put the Shaidee on, it felt a little strange because I could feel that I was carrying my baby but I couldn’t see her.  I liked that the foam material was very flexible so I could just fold the Shaidee over when I wanted to take a look at my daughter.

If you have room in your diaper bag or travel bag, the Canadian-made Shaidee is a great tool to bring with you.  It is so lightweight (about the same weight as your smartphone) that you won’t even notice it when packing your bag around indoors.

The Shaidee is a simple and practical item to add to your baby essentials if you want to protect your baby from the sun’s rays.

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