Review: Rattle And Strum’s Children’s Music CD Is A Hit With This Family

Music can inspire the mind. It can promote interaction, introduce structure, and evoke deep emotion from children of all ages. It can also ease mental stress from a parents’ busy day.

How many times can you listen to The Wheels on the Bus before going buggy? If you’re getting close to that number you need to buy the newest CD from Rattle and Strum. The standard nursery songs you grew up with are fine, but singing them for months on end warrants a change of pace.  I know I am tired of singing them and as of late, my 15-month old daughter has even revolted against Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

rattlestrumcdcoverRattle and Strum is a children’s music CD which spent two weeks in the Top 30 of Alberta’s public radio station CKUA. It features 15 original songs and is nicely packaged with a colourful booklet of lyrics, drawings and pictures. The songs are silly for the kids and engaging for the adults. A combination that creates a fun sing-a-long family experience.

Heather Blush on guitar (aka. Strum) and Captain Steve on drums (aka. Rattle) are two talented musicians. Their flair for songwriting and knowing their audience are apparent.

Standout songs are found throughout the disc. Currently the Peanut Butter Song melody remains as a catchy tune in my head. I’ve also caught myself singing the chorus of the CD’s opening song Rattle & Strum while shopping for new diapers and baby food.  In my Spaceship helps transform my mini-van into an interstellar rocket ship while on errands. The closing track How Wonderful You Are can help calm the mood before sleepy time.

Fresh and exciting children’s music at its best.   10 out of 10.

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