Review: Boba Turns This Couple Into Baby-Wearing Believers

As moms, I’m guessing that most of us know that there seems to be a gazillion baby-carriers on the market.  There are some more popular brands and there are some no-names as well.  How do we know which ones are best for us and our little munchkins?

Well, we don’t really until we try them all.  Or you can read my review.  : )

For my daughter’s first year of life, I seldom carried her in a baby-carrier.  I just never really felt all that comfortable, or maybe I thought it would be easier to transport her in the stroller.  But things they are a changing.

As you may know, baby #2 is almost here and knowing that I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to handle two babies under 2-years of age.  I am under the assumption that a lot more baby-wearing will be happening in my household.

So, enter Boba.boba_inc_logo_main

First off, I used the Boba Carrier 3G.  I ordered the black carrier with the little kangaroo on the front of it.  I thought it was cute and carrying my baby kind of reminds me of a mama kangaroo and her joey.  The straps were easily adjustable and can fit around people’s waists/hips, even a large pregnant woman!

Boba KangarooGetting my 13-month old in the carrier was pretty simple.  She appeared to be relaxed even while she was perched on top of my baby bump.  We didn’t attach the foot straps to the carrier, but I do think that it’s a fabulous feature of the Boba Carrier for the babes as they get bigger.

The Boba Carrier, unlike many other carriers, has a couple of compartments to stash keys, phones, etc. so that you can essentially be hands-free with your child.  And if you want to carry your purse or diaper bag, you can attach it to the purse strap holder and not worry about it slipping off of your shoulder.

If your baby is sleeping or if you just want to protect him/her from the sun’s rays, there is a detachable sleeping hood that can be easily adjusted as your child grows.   I tried using the hood as a sun shade for my daughter but she was too interested in looking at all the new scenery so we tucked it away.

I love the fact that this carrier has the ability to tote an infant/newborn safely and easily without an insert.  My husband and I will definitely be able to use this carrier often with our newborn in a few months.

Boba WrapA few days later, my hubby and I tested out the Boba Wrap.  I was always hesitant to use the wraps because I’ll be honest, they kind of scared me.  I was intimidated because it seemed like so much material and the baby was so reliant on my ability to tie the wrap correctly.  I also thought it’d be too hot, etc. etc.  I basically had a lot of excuses not to use a wrap.

Well, my initial thoughts have been transformed.  Who knew that a bunch of material could be so comfortable for mom (or dad) and baby?

The wrap comes with an instruction guide to help newbies, like me, learn how to tie the wrap properly before tucking baby in.

Once I felt like I had tied it properly, it was time to put my daughter in this wrap contraption.  She looked at me a little funny like, “What the heck are you putting me into, mom?”  But once I had her all wrapped up, she seemed to really like it.  And I liked it too…it felt like my back was supported in all the right places.  Trust me, being 8-months preggo and packing around a 22-lb toddler, you want that support.

Boba Daddy1My husband humoured me and agreed to try out the Boba Wrap.  It was entertaining for me to watch him do all the tying and such on his own, but once my daughter was sitting on his chest all wrapped up, it made my heart melt a little.

Both of them were really comfortable and they shared some fun bonding moments together.  My hubby even admitted that he’d wished that he had used the Boba Wrap sooner because of how comfy it was.

Well, now he has two great baby carriers to use when the new baby arrives, as do I.

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