Review: Baby Jogger’s Vue Revolutionizes The Lightweight Stroller

Many of us moms have probably seen the big fancy strollers that give the option to have babe facing forwards and also the reverse direction, right?

No biggie as they are around everywhere…and you may even own one of them.

But have you ever seen an umbrella stroller that has the capability for your little one to face forwards or backwards?

bj vue reverse1
I haven’t. That is, until Baby Jogger came out with the revolutionary Vue reversible umbrella stroller.

Until recently, I have been pushing my 6-month old – and also my 21-month old when she didn’t want to walk – around in my trusty Baby Jogger City Select Double. I love this stroller, but wasn’t keen on the idea of travelling with it last month when I was taking my family across Canada by airplane. So I began searching for alternatives and the Vue came onto my radar of strollers that I wanted that would be travel-friendly.

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Whoever decided to create the Vue was thinking of my family when he/she did it. Having a young baby, I love that I can put her in the stroller facing me when I am pushing her. The parent-facing seat has a nice head support pillow to make sure that she enjoys her stroll without her head bouncing all over the place. The forward facing seat is all set-up for my toddler when she decides that she wants to enjoy a brisk walk riding in style. I love that I don’t have to readjust the straps each time a different baby wants to make use of the stroller.

bj vue canopy
The UV 50+ canopy on the Vue is absolutely huge – fabulous for sunny days. I’ve had a few other umbrella strollers and this canopy by far takes the cake! The canopy, just like the Vue seats, is reversible to accommodate whichever way the babe is facing. I do wish, however, that there was some sort of viewing panel in the canopy to allow me to see my babe when she is forward-facing. I have to peek along the side of the stroller to see if she’s passed out or not.

I love how sturdy the Vue is and you know that it’s made with quality materials as all Baby Jogger strollers are. Some umbrella strollers feel flimsy and as if it could break at any time, but not the Vue! I love that the handles are designed to accommodate parents of all heights (I’m 5’9) so I can walk with ease and not feel all hunched over when I’m pushing the stroller. Folding up the Vue is really simple and the stroller takes up very little space in my vehicle’s trunk.

The one downside that I have noticed with the Baby Jogger Vue umbrella stroller is that the storage basket under the seat is really small and it’s challenging to get anything in/out of it. With that said, I have become a master at packing very little when I’m out and about with my kidlets so I rarely need to even use the storage basket. If I have outings where I need to bring a lot of stuff with me then I just pull out my City Select and off we go.

The Vue is now my go-to lightweight stroller and makes taking my babies for a stroll simple and fun.

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