Review: Joovy’s Room² Playard Proves To Be Bigger And Better

The typical play yards are great for the little ones, mainly for when they are sleeping. They are perfect for smaller spaces and it’s nice because they are portable and can be taken with you when you travel.

But do most kids like to play in the average play yard?  Maybe if they’re just infants, but a toddler?  I’m guessing, not so much.

My family has just received the portable Joovy Room² Playard and I must say, it’s pretty cool.

Joovy Room2The Room² Playard is not the average playard.  Joovy has made it larger so that your child will want to play in it longer and not feel so confined.  It takes up approximately 10 square feet of floor space and is square-shaped as opposed to the regular rectangular play yards.  No, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles such as a bassinette, canopy, toiletry holders, etc. but I never used that stuff on my old play yard anyways…and isn’t it called a play yard for a reason?  To play?

I usually end up ordering items in blacks, taupes, browns, etc….you know, the regular neutral colors, but this time I stepped out on a limb and ordered what Joovy calls Orangie.  And it’s bright. It reminds me of when I take my 14-month old daughter out to a play area and she immediately flocks to the colored area.  The more I see it, the more I love the color.

The Room² Playard was a little heavy for me when I was taking it out of the box, but I was also taking it easy as I’m 37-weeks pregnant.  Once I got the playard out of the box and the carrying case, I took the mattress and the actual frame of the playard out to set up.  The frame set up easily with a few simple clicks, then I just placed the mattress in the playard and strapped it in.  It really took me less than five minutes to take out of the box and set it up.

Joovy CharleeOnce our Orangie Room² Playard was set up, we let our daughter test it out.  She checked out every corner, did about 17 different rolls and had a ton of giggles…and there weren’t even any toys in there for her to play with.

Joovy Charlee 2

The mesh siding/windows were strong and I didn’t feel like I had to worry when she rolls around pressing into the sides.  The mesh windows are also large enough that she can see out of them without feeling like she’s trapped in a boxed room.  When I leaned on the sides of the Room² Playard, it felt quite sturdy so I’m confident that a small child can pull and hang on it without it collapsing.

At this point, with baby #2 on the way, we are trying to decide if we want to use the Room² Playard as our oldest daughter’s bed for a few months until she moves onto a toddler bed or if we just use it for her to play in…decisions, decisions!

Joovy Charlee bedtimeI like that the Joovy Room² Playard comes with a fitted sheet so you don’t have to worry about having to use a flat sheet and tucking it under the sides and/or OMG – having to sew a sheet to fit the square mattress.  Off topic: Does anyone sew anymore these days??

One of the things that I appreciate about Joovy is that their products (i.e. the Room² Playard, strollers, etc.) are sturdy and made to withstand the wear and tear of a child, or two or three of them…and their pricing is affordable.  For myself and many parents, it’s a relief to not have to spend a fortune on baby items and yet, be able to have the peace of mind that I have some quality items that will last.

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