Tina Fey: Mommy Chat Rooms “Have Some of the Worst Human Behavior”

Who doesn’t love Tina Fey?!

The funny mom is currently promoting her newest film, Admission, where she plays a Princeton admissions officer who gave up a son years ago in a secret adoption.

During a recent press junket for the new movie, Tina talked about the ‘mean girls’ in mommy chat rooms.

“I don’t know how to post on those sites, but I’ve seen people on there pretending to be me on Urban Baby,” Tina told Breezy Mama. “I had a friend call me and ask if I was on Urban Baby… I said no because I didn’t know what that was. But I do think some of them…[under breath] Urban Baby specifically, have some of the worst human behavior ever.”

She added: “Also, someone on Urban Baby once called me a “wide load.” Although not inaccurate, it did not seem necessary.”

I’m wholeheartedly Team Tina on this one!

As the senior editor at Celebrity Baby Scoop for five years, I’ve definitely been witness to the online hate. While we don’t have chat room, our readers have the option to leave comments in the posts about celebrities and their families.

And let’s just say it’s not always pretty.

Everything from calling kids “ugly,” to new moms “fat” in the postpartum period, to judging people on their parenting skills based on photos, it seems people always have a negative opinion.

You don’t believe me?

  • Look through these recent photos of Kourtney Kardashian and her family enjoying the LA Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (March 10). The negativity was pretty gross.
  • And her sister Kim Kardashian seems to be an easy target these days as her baby bump grows.
  • There’s No Doubt about it, everyone has an opinion about Gwen Stefani‘s parenting skills and her kids’ appearances.
  • And one can only hope LeAnn Rimes doesn’t take the hatred personally! Have you seen some of the things people say about her?

While we keep out posts positive at Celebrity Baby Scoop, we often see the grossness in human behavior that Tina talks about.

So why do we do this to each other? Whatever happened to the sisterhood? Has the internet created a space for women to judge, compare and attack each other?

Has the Super Mom facade and the Mommy Wars reached a new level thanks to the online world?

What do you think about mommy chat rooms and the comments on websites?

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