Are School Dances A Thing Of The Past?

Back in my day, the school dance was the place to be.


The excitement of getting dressed up in my best buttoned-up paisley blouse, perfecting my Julia Roberts ‘do, pinch-rolling my faded jeans, and hoping my latest crush would talk to me was all I could think about.

And some of the most classic teen movies of all time revolve around the much anticipated social event.




But the kids these days aren’t quite on the same page.

“They’re texting, they’re Snapchatting, they’re Skyping, they’re FaceTiming,” Lisa Kor, assistant principal at John Jay High School, told TODAY. “They are so connected in so many ways they never used to be that they don’t need the school necessarily to provide the connection.”

Kor, who has worked at the New York high school for 18 years, noticed a decrease in attendance about seven years ago when social media came onto the scene. As a result, the school stopped hosting dances, except for prom.

This begs the question: is technology stealing our joy; robbing all of us of actual human interaction?

It’s not just teens experiencing this disconnect from one-on-one human connections. I’ve often thought about going off the grid and forcing myself to actually call my friends, or (gasp) drop by unannounced for an afternoon visit instead of the non-stop texts.

What do you think? Has technology disconnected us from human interaction? Could you give it up?

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