School’s Out! 10 Boredom Busters In Your Own City

Like it or not, school’s out for summer.

While the kids might be jumping for joy, some of us moms are dreading the “Mom, I’m bored” blues.

Instead of breaking the bank on a getaway, why not enjoy your own city? No matter where you live, here are 10 boredom busters for you and your kids this summer.

10. Factory tours.

Find out if any of your local factories do tours. Whatever the hard-working factory people in your city are making, why not make it a learning experience. Get bonus mom-points by taking the kids to the library to learn even more about the local product.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - Remake

9. Library reading clubs.

Speaking of libraries, check out their local activities. In my own city, the library has a summer reading club. It makes for a fun afternoon outing, and the kids even receive a medal when the program ends.


8. Start a book club.

Not to sound too bookwormy, but why not start a book club in your own neighborhood? Keep the rules loose — for example, the kids don’t have to read the same book and you can be flexible on meeting times. If you play your cards right mamas, you’ll get a few hours to yourself when it’s not your turn to host.


7. Weekly park playdates.

Gather your favorite mommy friends and their kids and meet at a local park once a week. Keep the location the same, but the hours flexible (e.g. people can show up anytime between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on the same day of the week). Pack a picnic lunch – and maybe even your wine if it’s walking distance – and enjoy the socializing.


6. Take public transit.

Loser cruiser, anyone? It might sound lame, but kids love taking the bus. Carve out a few hours and take a bus loop with your kids. To make it a worthwhile experience, take some pictures of the local sights, look through them when you get home, and get the kids to write about it in their summer journal.


5. Visit local landmarks like tourists.

In my own city (Vancouver, BC, Canada), I rarely go to the tourist attractions with my kids. It might be time to show my kids the beauty of our own city, rather than spending big bucks visiting somewhere else.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.58.01 AM

4. Rent a hotel.

In the spirit of enjoying your own city (and if the pocketbook permits), rent a local hotel room, enjoy room service, and let the kids swim in the pool all day. A fun getaway that requires little to no driving!

original_Swimming Pool-Mandarin Oriental New York

3.  Go to the movies.

On those hot summer days, escape the heat in an air-conditioned movie theater. Find out if your local theaters have matinee specials on certain days of the week…and pray for a Ryan Gosling cameo, mamas.



2. Plant an herb garden.

Get your green thumbs on and plant an herb garden with your kids. Growing herbs is a great way for children to learn about gardening because most herbs are easy to grow and take little care to flourish.


1. Book a babysitter!

When all else fails, find some young babysitters in your neighborhood to help you out for a few hours here and there. The t(w)eens that have just finished their babysitting course want the experience, and Lord knows mama could use the break.

Happy summer break to you all!


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