Review: Silikids Serves Smiles And Siliness At Mealtimes

As your baby grows and moves into toddler-ville, there will be lots of spills as he/she learns how to eat and drink.  Sometimes you will find it entertaining, sometimes it will be frustrating, and sometimes you will be so proud of your little one that you can’t help but smile ear to ear.

While your toddler is learning and experimenting, wouldn’t it be great to have some tools in your back pocket that are safe, functional, easy to use and keep clean, and last but not least, colorful?

Silikids can provide us with just that.

SilikidsSilikids products are made of silicone and glass.  I know I asked myself what’s the big deal about silicone?  Well, I’ve learned that silicone is non-toxic, hypo allergenic, does not promote bacteria or fungus growth, and it does not transmit taste to food.  Pretty cool.

My 20-month old daughter has learned how to use a fork and spoon pretty well now and has the occasional spills, but we’re still working on drinking from a cup.  So after looking at Silikids website, I decided to order the Siliskin Sippy Cup and the Siliskin 6-oz Glass – 2 pack, and the Silibib.

It may seem a little strange considering giving a toddler a glass to use – not because they are incapable of using a glass correctly, but rather because of our fear, as parents, of the glass breaking.  The Silikids glasses are covered with a silicone skin making it a lot safer for our kids to learn to drink from a big-kid glass.

SK SippyI first gave my daughter the Siliskin Sippy Cup.  After carefully examining the two-toned skinned glass and Silitop, she drank out of it with ease.  She had no idea there was really glass under the skin…at least until I pulled the lid off to refill it.  As soon as she saw me do that, she wanted to play ‘put it on, take it off’ for about 10 minutes.  That game made me a bit nervous because when the Sippy top is off, there’s about an inch or so of unprotected glass that I envisioned breaking should the cup fall off the table.  I have to keep reminding myself not to be a worry-wart.

When the Siliskin 8 oz. Sippy Cup is put together properly, the glass is completely encased and protected with the Siliskin and Silitop.  The Siliskin gives the glass some grip for my daughter to grasp and it also has a few circle cut-outs that allow her to see into the cup.

SK GlassesThe Siliskin 6-oz Glasses are awesome.   The Siliskin covers almost all of the glass and the Siliskin glass has a patent-pending shock absorption design that I have yet to test out.  This is my favorite item out of the three Silikids products that we received.  My daughter often takes sips out of my regular glass so I think the Siliskin glass helps my daughter feel like a big girl when she drinks out of it on her own.

My 6-month old daughter is having a tough go learning to drink from a bottle so we may just bypass the bottle and start using the Siliskin glass.

SK BibI like the Silibib as the pretty red one adds a flash of color to our morning that isn’t our regular pink or blue.  The Silibib is great because it lies flat or if there’s a meal that could be a little messy, we just flip the little pocket piece forward so it collects any food droppings.  She can sit right up close to the table so my cleaning up the floor after each meal is so much easier!  And because the bib is made of silicone and is not so hard like some of our other bibs, I am also able to use it when feeding my youngest babe.

An added bonus of the Silibib is that it is really easy to clean.  I often just run it under the tap after the meal, but it’s nice to know that its dishwasher safe as are the Sippy cup and glasses.

If you are wanting to give your child an extra step towards independence, you will want to take a closer look at the Silikids children’s product line and order them right away.  I am glad that I did!

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**Note: When your Silikids products arrive at your home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the dual-purpose packaging…my daughter loved her new drum set!

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