Sarah Silverman (& Jesus Christ) in New PSA for Women’s Rights

Sarah Silverman went there!

Sporting a tee that reads ‘feminist,’ the comedienne nails it in her latest PSA.

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In the video, Sarah shares a visit with Jesus Christ. Pushing the boundaries to shed light on women’s rights, the School of Rock actress, 43, watches TV with JC while enjoying a snack.

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The outspoken funnylady – who recently raised $20,000 with The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis at a comedy show called “A Night Of A Thousand Vaginas” to benefit the Texas Abortion Fund – went on to ask Jesus, “When does life begin?’

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“At 40,” JC deadpans, then adds, “Fertilized eggs aren’t people, people are people.”

In keeping with his peaceful message, Jesus adds: “But people who believe fertilized eggs are people are people too. You have to love them. You’re not better than them.”

While she agrees to play nice, Sarah goes on to talk about the separation of church and state. “Using religion to dictate legislation is unAmerican,” she states.

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Due to several clinics being shut down, Sarah goes on to outline that many American women are being denied safe abortions across the nation. And she points out that prior to an abortion, a woman is violated with a vaginal probe and forced to look at the ultrasound of the fetus.

“Only then can she continue with the procedure,” Sarah adds.

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But it is her following argument that proves not only hilarious, but brilliant.

“Fun fact,” she continues. “Scientist have known for over a decade that sperm cells have a sense of smell. That means that sperm is alive. That means we’ve gotta legislate that shit. We’ve got to protect the babies. We need a simple policy that says, ‘If you think you’re going to masturbate into a gym sock or jerk off into the shower drain, you would then visit your doctor, he would take a long pointy go-probe and go up, up, up your penis shaft and then down, down, down into the testicles. We need you to be awake during this procedure because we want you to see all the millions and millions of babies that live inside your balls.’ “

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Sarah goes on to invite viewers to get involved at her site,

To watch the hilarious video, click below…

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