5 Simple Rules For Mother’s Day

As we approach Mother’s Day this weekend, I have kindly outlined the five simple rules for my husband to make the day epic.

Isn’t that lovely of me?!

Continue reading how, you too, can get the most out of this upcoming Hallmark holiday.


1. After a restful and non-interrupted sleep-in, I definitely want breakfast, but not in bed. Clearly, I would obsess over getting crumbs in the bed and worry about laundering the sheets. Breakfast at the table. Capiche?


2. I want to be gifted with a homemade card and art project that you have been working on with the kids. These masterpieces will be well thought-out, beautifully crafted and planned by you, my dear husband.


3. After enjoying a lovely morning meal with the family, I will promptly leave the house for the day. Thank you so much for cleaning up after breakfast, spending an interactive and fun day with the kids, and having the house in order upon my arrival home at a much later hour.


4. Oh sweet husband of mine, please no texts, no pictures of the kids missing mom, or any phone calls checking in on my activities.


5. I will enjoy a day of shopping and lunching with my fellow like-minded mommy friends. We will have a day of laughter, coffee, food, wine and relaxation. We will later enjoy a dinner out on the town, followed up by a movie date to catch up on the latest Ryan Gosling flick.


Thank you, dear husband, for showering me with gift cards to my favorite restaurant and spa as you ‘shoo’ me out of the house for this much-deserved day out with my friends.

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We’ll see if this actually happens. But am I alone, or is this your dream Mother’s Day as well?

And Happy Mother’s Day to all you hard working mamas out there!

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