Skateboard Dad Talks “Bonehead Decision”

Do you feel bad for the skateboard dad?

Three weeks ago, an Instagram video of Marcus Crossland went viral after he kicked his 6-year-old son Dino down a 13-foot ramp at a Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. skate park.

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Breaking their silence on this shocking footage, his wife Emily White says that “things have been turned upside down” after the 3-second video hit the internet.

Saying that the entire situation has been “taken out of context,” White tells TODAY that her husband a “really great dad” and a “good person” regardless of this situation.

What does dad have to say for himself?

According to Crossland, kicking his son down a skateboard ramp “was my poor attempt at trying to help him overcome his fear. It was a bonehead decision,” he admits.

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He adds: “It was an effort to help him, but it didn’t come out that way. I’m sorry that I made that decision to use that tactic as opposed to another. I’m sorry for the outcome. Because of a decision I made, my wife and my children and everybody has got to deal with it.”

Crossland goes on to say that those 3 seconds have affected his entire life.

“It’s affected our family, it’s affected our day-to-day lives, it’s affected our jobs, our household,” he shares. “Now those three seconds of video footage didn’t necessarily really affect us. The repercussions have.”

Admitting she was “upset,” White insists that this is not indicative of her husband’s personality.

“You can be the most amazing, kind-hearted, giving person in the world — all it takes is that two seconds and people will hate you,” she argues. “It’s been really rough.”

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White goes on to say that her husband lost his job, and she is also unable to work.

“As a mother, I’ve had to do what I can to keep my child safe, and protect him from the media,” she shares. “Everybody was coming to our home. We ended up losing a babysitter. Not only did my husband lose his job, I wasn’t able to work, so things have been turned upside down incredibly, and it’s been hard. Things like that are definitely not acceptable in our household, and we do not do anything like that. Not that (not being there) excuses anything by any means, but nothing like that has ever happened before. There isn’t anything behind closed doors or any kind of actions that have been taken anything like that, so it’s definitely easy to take it out of context for sure.”

“He’s a really great dad,” she adds. “He loves his children, he loves his family, he’s a hard worker, and he’s an all-around good person. Beyond that, we love him.”

Local police and the Florida Department of Children and Families are still investigating the incident, and Crossland has been banned from the skate park where he was a frequent visitor.

Check out the interview with Dino’s parents below…

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After hearing from Dino’s mom and dad, do you feel any different about the situation?

When I first posted the story 3 weeks ago, I was heartbroken to see Dino kicked down the ramp by his dad. After seeing his parents speak about the situation, I’m still feeling unsettled. A part of me feels bad they’ve lost their jobs, but mostly I feel bad for Dino. In admitting he was a “bonehead,” it seems like the dad is still making light of the situation.

One wonders if he’s truly sorry for doing it, or simply sorry he got caught. Damage control isn’t just for celebrities! It sounds like his entire life has been turned upside down, and he’s simply trying to smooth things over — particularly with his wife!

Even the TODAY crew said that it was interesting to hear the parents’ perspective, but still, the video doesn’t get any easier to watch.

What are your thoughts after hearing from Dino’s parents?

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