More Sleep Or More Sex? New Parents Confess

The verdict is in: having a baby changes everything.

In a candid new survey, surveyed  more than 13,000 mom and dads on everything from breastfeeding, to sleep, to sex.

Here’s some of the stats:

  • 59% of women & 62% of men said they liked parenthood more than they thought they would;
  • 65% of women & 37% of men want sleep over sex;
  • Biggest surprise of labor for both men and women: how they felt about their child when (s)he was born;
  • Most of the men felt they did the baby stuff (e.g. swaddling, changing diaper, bottle feeding, bath) well, but 46% of women said they don’t do these tasks well enough;
  • 65% of men said seeing their partner breastfeed did not change the way they felt about her breasts;
  • 60% of women said their ideal maternity leave is 3-6 months, while 25% of the women preferred a year, and more than 70% of working moms wished they could stay at home;
  • Almost half the men said 2-4 weeks would be the ideal paternity leave.

What do you think of these stats? Can you relate to any/all of the above?

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