Smartphone: The Downfall Of Humanity?

A 32-year-old North Carolina woman is dead — and her smartphone is to blame.

Courtney Ann Sanford‘s last moments were spent driving down the highway, listening to Pharrell Williams — and unfortunately attending to her Facebook addiction.

When Courtney posted a “Happy” message online, seconds later she died in a tragic car accident, NewsMax reports.

While behind the wheel, she updated her Facebook timeline, crossed a median and slammed head on into an oncoming truck.

Tragically, seconds before her fatal accident, Courtney’s Facebook was updated to read:

“The happy song makes me HAPPY.”

This sad story is a grim reminder to leave our smartphones in the purse while driving. We’ve all seen it — fellow drivers staring into their laps while at stop signs, or even while passing us on the road.

This addictive – and dangerous – behavior must stop before more accidents like Courtney’s occur.

In a timely video that has just gone viral, director Gary Turk urges us to step away from our smartphones and start interacting with the people – and the world – around us.

Look Up shows how children are growing up in a world where they don’t play outside or communicate with their friends.

To watch this poignant and heartbreaking film, click here…

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