Review: Squeez’Ems Are Perfect For Frugal Families

Are you the mom that makes all her baby’s food from scratch?  Or are you like me and have all the best intentions to make all my baby’s food from scratch, but end up buying the jarred baby food and pre-filled food pouches that cost a small fortune?

I totally thought I’d be the one to take the time to do all the homemade food because I’m cheap, or I shall I say frugal 😉  Unfortunately, time has been a huge factor as well as energy preventing me from doing more cooking – I’ve been pregnant with my second child ever since my first baby started eating solids.  So for the past eight months, we have been spending a chunk of change on pre-made baby food.  It’s been a lot easier but I’m pretty sure we could be serving our daughter some healthier grub and save a little in the pocketbook.

When we buy the pouches of pre-made baby food from the grocery store, we often let our daughter play with colorful bags of food.  She likes the colors on the lids and also the feel of the pouch as the food moves up and down.  So for $1.59 per pouch, we get some food for her as well as a temporary entertainment piece.

As I was scrolling through a popular website, I noticed that there were reusable pouches available on the market.  It caught my attention as I have all the best intentions to start making more homemade food for my family.

When I received my Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches, I was excited to see how I could incorporate them into our lives.

First things first, cleaning the Squeez’Ems was easy as the top screws off and you can hand wash the pouches or throw them in the top-rack of the dishwasher.

Next, I decided to just steam up some yams, carrots and apples to puree and pour into the Squeez’Ems pouch.  Might not sound super appealing, but it’s veggies and fruit that will be headed into my daughter’s tummy.  I’m hoping to get more creative as time goes on!

The Squeez’Ems acted the exact same as the pre-filled pouches that I’ve been buying at the grocery store – only way better for the environment and my wallet – and my daughter likes to play with them just the same.  She’s still a bit confused when we try to show her how to eat from the spout, but I’m sure over time she’ll figure it out.

Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches are perfect for all ages.  For on-the-go baby food all the way to yogurt or apple sauce in a grade school lunch, Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches will grow with your child.  Squeez’Ems are BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free and can be put in the freezer or microwave.

I have no excuse anymore not to cook from home, right?

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