Review: The Stokke Scoot Is Perfect For The Modern Mom

Are you a modern-chic mama?

If you answered yes and you’re looking for a stylish urban compact stroller to flaunt at your next mom and baby class, then look no more.

The Stokke Scoot may be the stroller for you.  The Scoot is a simple stroller with a unique look to it – kind of reminds me of some of the strollers I see on celebrity baby websites.

Stokke Scoot 2-way seatingThe single-ride Stokke Scoot is perfect for bonding with baby.  The chair on the Stokke Scoot can be attached forward-facing or parent-facing.  When I would be out with just my 18-month old daughter, we found that it was best to have the chair facing forward.  She’d much rather have a clear view of the birds and scenery than stare at me while I babble away.  For outings with just my 3-month old baby, I would always have the chair facing me so I could tend to her needs at any given time.

When shopping for a stroller for my children, I always look at the chair to ensure that it provides a comfortable and safe resting area.  The Stokke Scoot has a soft-padded seat and there are no sharp edges or places that I could see that my child’s little fingers could get caught in.

Stokke Scoot ventilationThe Stokke Scoot has a large water-resistant canopy that also includes a removable visor that helps protect our little ones from the wind and sunlight.  I give a lot of credit to the person who designed the venting feature in the hood – about 30% of the canopy can be opened up to allow for some airflow.  Fabulous idea in my opinion.  The optional ventilation is perfect for my daughter on the warmer days and also allows me to peek through to check on her when she’s forward facing.

When pushing the Stokke Scoot through my local mall, I found that I had a calming feeling come over me. The stroller wheels provided a smooth ride and the height adjustable handle helped me be more comfortable while walking.  Being a busy mom with two babes under a year and a half, I’ll take any relaxing time that I can!

A bonus of the Stokke Scoot is that it comes with a cup holder, an easy-to-attach mosquito net and rain cover.

Stokke Scoot 1 2As I mentioned earlier, I have a 3-month old baby.  I must say having the Stokke Scoot Softbag is awesome!  My daughter is able to stretch out while we are on the move.  It sure beats having to keep my baby in her infant car seat for long periods of time while we are shopping.

The Stokke Softbag fits perfectly in the chair area of the Scoot and provides padding in all the necessary places.  The Softbag textiles are high-quality and the top easily zips up (or down) to keep baby at the right temperature.  Love it!

If you want to have your child ride in comfort and style, remember the simplicity of the Stokke Scoot.

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