New Swimwear Line Encourages Women To Embrace Their Body

Here’s a novel idea: celebrate and embrace your body while shopping for a swimsuit.

While this might sound far-fetched, it’s exactly what Canadian designer, Julia Church, has done with her new swimsuit line called Nettle’s Tale.

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“When you go swimsuit shopping you feel like, ‘Great now I have to take my body that’s different from every other woman’s body that’s out there on the planet and I have to try to fit in to what’s on the market,’” says Church. “I want women to go to the shop and see all the different ages and sizes of women and feel like, ‘If she can do it, I can do it.’ “

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What makes the brand stand out?

According to the site, the materials are locally sourced and manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia, designed and modelled by real Canadian women of all ages without any photoshopping, and 10 per cent of the profits from each suit are donated to charity.

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Church says that “a really important foundation for Nettle’s Tale is honesty.” She goes on to say, “I want it to to help me fall in love with my body, not make me wish it was different.”

We’re all for that!

Check out the following video to hear more about this fantastic new swimwear line for women.

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