5 Things NOT to Say to Non-Parents

According to Ask Your Dad Blog, there are some things to avoid saying when talking to your friends who do not have kids.

After a series of conversations he and his wife had with good friends who do not have children, the father-of-two wrote a list of what not to say to non-parents.

Here is Ask Your Dad Blog’s 5 things not to say to non-parents:

  • 1. Dogs are not kids

People who respond with dog stories when you talk about your baby is their way of saying, “Oh! Yes. I also have something in my life that poops AND brings me joy,” he says.

  • 2. You think you’re (insert anything here)! Try having kids!

“Too often, we parents downplay non-parent’s concerns by pulling ours out and tossing them on the table,” he writes.

  • 3. Don’t worry, when you have kids you’ll…

People should quit assuming everyone will have kids, he advises. Some people don’t want kids and choose not to have them.

  • 4. Is the party kid friendly?

“By asking your non-kid having friends if their party is kid friendly you are putting them in the really awkward position of either MAKING their party kid friendly on the fly, or telling you that the party is NOT kid friendly,” he writes.

  • 5. My life didn’t have meaning before I had kids!

That’s another way of telling your friends their pre-kid life is meaningless, the blogger argues.

What do you think of this list? Do you also run into some awkward moments with your (non) kid friends?

While I agree that a lot of these statements are insulting, I definitely think it’s okay to ask about the kid-friendly nature of a party. A babysitter can be arranged — why avoid the conversation?

In reflection, I don’t talk about my kids often with my friends who do not have children. And when I look around my social circle, some of my besties do not have kids.

Maybe I’m doing something right??

And, in fact, I find it nauseating to sit around and talk non-stop about my kids with my friends who have children as well! I love a cute story – and lord knows all three of my children are adorable – but I have many more interests in life than just my children.

What do you think about the above list?

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