A Group of Moms “Toddler Bashing” on Facebook

Cyberbullies aren’t just teens!

A group of adults – parents themselves – created a private Facebook group where they attacked other people’s children.

Copy and pasting pics from other parents’ Facebook photos, the nasty group left comments ranging from, “It’s hideous,” to “You can absolutely not fix ugly.”

Another wrote, “An ugly baby thread.. I have died and gone to heaven. Why can’t you guys live near me so we can do this over cocktails?”

Dubbed as “toddler bashing,” the group (which has since been taken down) proved to have no filter whatsoever — they even bashed children with special needs.

According to The Stir, one mother, Ellen Veach, found out from a friend that a photo of her 2-year-old daughter was on the page. “At first, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it,” Veach said. “It was basically just a head shot of one of the pictures I posted in my album and it was next to another picture of a cartoon character basically.”

The upset mom said that her photos were available for “friends of friends” on Facebook to view.

What is wrong with people?

My heart goes out to that mom, and any other parent whose child was attacked in that group. I cannot imagine the hurt and pain this group has caused. And I can only hope that the children do not become aware of this bashing when they get older.

In a society that is obsessed with perfection and aesthetic beauty, it is both saddening and depressing to hear how far some people will go with their judgements and hate.

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This story makes me very nervous for my young kids’ future — both online and in their school years.

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