Toddlers Dressed as Celebrities: Creepy or Cute?

Welcome to the ToddleWood project, ladies and gentlemen.

To celebrate the current awards season, former advertising executive-turned-photographer Tricia Messeroux is recreating the stars’ looks for kids with outfits mimicking the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, George Clooney, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Halle Berry and Taylor Swift.


With MTV calling these photos “so perfect, darling, and innocent,” and EW saying the child models are “cute competition” for the real-life celebs, I’m not so convinced.

To me, it’s always creepy to make a child look like an adult. Whether it’s for a child pageant or a photo shoot, it seems wrong. Makeup and perfectly coifed hair is cool for mommies – let’s keep it at sundresses and sandals for the toddlers! No?

“I had a casting call on Saturday—literally 24 hours before the Globes. I didn’t know who or what was going to end up on the red carpet wearing what,” Messeroux said of her quick creative process. “On Sunday, my team and I watched the Golden Globes and studied the red carpet to look for the right dresses.”

But not every frock was “kid appropriate” according to the project coordinator.

“The right dress is something I happen to like and I think my designer can [recreate]. It also needs to be something that is kid appropriate,” she said. “There were several designs where the plunging neckline was way too low, and then there were the sheer and paste-on looks like Jennifer Lopez’s dress. Although it was very beautiful, I will not be the one to put a kid in that dress.”

And what about ToddleWood’s glam squad?

“Hair and makeup tends to be the kids’ favorite part,” Messeroux said. “They let people pamper them, they eat Goldfish and Oreos, and when they’re ready we ohh and ahh over them and clap for them and make them feel like they’re the kings and queens of the earth. They love it!”

Up next for ToddleWood is the biggest night in Hollywood, the Academy Awards on February 24.

Is it just me, or are these pictures a little creepy?

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