Review: Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller Makes Transporting Two Manageable

Baby #2 is here…now what?  How are you going to transport your two little ones around?

The single stroller isn’t going to work anymore.

If you were planning ahead you may have purchased a stroller that can convert to a double stroller once you have another child.  I’m guessing that most new parents either don’t think that far in advance and/or they don’t have the funds to purchase a convertible stroller.

My baby #2 arrived earlier this month and so we have set aside our single stroller for the time being.

During the summer, we received a Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-on Tandem Stroller and we have finally been able to put it to the test with our two babes.

 Joovy 2

First off, the assembly of the stroller was reasonably simple as I just had to attach the tires and the large-size canopy.  Having said that though, it took me about 45 minutes to do so.  I think I was a little slow with the assembly because I was enjoying some leisurely alone time outside setting up the stroller rather than getting right down to business.

Before our first outing, my husband wanted to ensure he knew how to securely install our infant car seat prior to leaving the house and we’re both glad he did.  When we placed our infant car seat in the stroller we noticed it wasn’t sitting properly.  I wasn’t overly concerned but it really bothered him.  He made a call into Joovy’s Customer Support team and was assisted by a couple of the Joovy team members.  Both of the Customer Support members were very pleasant and helpful.  Turns out, the reason why our car seat wasn’t sitting properly is because we had extra stroller attachments on our car seat that needed to be removed (Britax B-Safe car seat).

One of the great features of the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller is that it can accommodate a wide range of ages for the kids.  The front seat is compatible with most infant car seats and the rear bench seat is great for older toddlers.  If your second child is still quite young, there is a second seat that can be added on top of the bench seat to allow both children to sit in an upright seat.   There is also a standing platform at the back of the stroller for children who no longer like to be strapped in the sitting position.

Joovy feetWe are using the stroller for our newborn and our 15-month old.  So right now we attach our infant car seat to the front of the stroller using the Car Seat Carrier Support and also have the second seat installed in the rear of the stroller.  At first I thought my oldest daughter would feel cramped in the back seat.  But after seeing her ride in the Caboose Too for a while, she is just fine…and even makes herself quite comfy – already putting her feet up!

As this is our first double stroller that we’ve ever used, we did notice that it is a lot heavier and larger than our single stroller…and it especially seems big after using an umbrella stroller for the past few months.  But in reality, the stroller is quite light.  With both seats installed, the Caboose Too stroller is just over 23 pounds.

Before I sold my Toyota Matrix, I wanted to see if the Caboose Too would fit into the trunk of my hatchback.  Yes, it did fit, but it was a little tight.  (The Caboose Too folded up dimensions are 21.5” x 43” x 10.5”.)  There wouldn’t be a ton of room left in the trunk for other goodies like groceries and such, but that is not a concern for us anymore since we moved up to a mini-van.  Now there’s a ton of space for the Caboose Too and other items.

The Caboose Too has a large canopy that can be used for either the front seat or rear seat or even placed strategically over both.  There is also a decent sized compartment area under both seats for our stuff, however it is a little challenging to get items in/out of the storage area if both children are in the stroller.  A little planning ahead of time will make it no big deal though.  A bonus to getting the Joovy stroller is that it comes with a Parent Organizer/Drink Holder.

Joovy1On one outing rather than taking all our baby essentials out of our diaper bag and putting into the storage area of the stroller, we brought our diaper bag along with us.  Instead of carrying the bag around the mall, we actually utilized the front foot rest to hold the diaper bag while draping the strap of the bag around the Car Seat Carrier Support.  Note: this is probably a no-no for safety reasons, but the stroller seemed to be pretty sturdy and didn’t seem like there’d be any danger of tipping.

I am impressed with how well the Caboose Too maneuvers especially for how much stuff we pack into the stroller on a regular basis.  The stroller can accommodate children up to 45 pounds in each seat.

The Caboose Too Ultralight is a great double stroller especially for those with children close in age and the price is right too!

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